Monday, March 2, 2015

Loving the Book of Mormon More and More

Thanks for the e-mails this week! I am working on the pre-major application you sent for school, so I think that my thoughts will be a bit more brief than long today. Thanks for helping me get all the school stuff set up. You guys are the best.

I am doing well. I am happy to be here, and this last week was a blast. Elder Lee Chip Sao and I are getting along well. He is a nice guy, and knows how to laugh, but work hard too. President has been in the islands, and was at a conference in New Zealand, which means that we've had much more time to spend in our sector! Wooohooo! We taught 20 lessons to investigators, and we found some nice new potential investigators.

I am no longer sick. What ever it was, has passed, and I am healthy. DON'T WORRY.

This week, I studied more in the Book of Mormon. I really enjoyed it, and the more that I read, the more I feel that it is true. I read the end of Mosiah, and started Alma. Wow. There are some stories in there that I am SURE I have read, but I must have forgotten them. Like Alma, fighting with his guards against the rebellious kings (NO WAY! Thats like movie cool) and Nehor, the bad guy. It was cool for me to read these stories again, and I really felt the power in them. Hard to explain. During a lesson on Sunday, we read the words of Mormon with an ami (he's 17 and reads the BoM a lot now). I helped him understand about the records being written and then abridged, and while we read the small chapter, I felt the Spirit and I had goosebumps as I realized that the PRECIOUS records, that had been hidden, passed from king to king, and protected like treasure, were now in my hands. And Mormon had his wish fulfilled. SO cool! Again, hard to explain. I just felt the truth of the Book of Mormon, and I have been loving it more and more.

This week, in church I translated for Elder Warner (a senior Elder, who will be finishing with his wife in about 4 weeks :( ) He bore his testimony and I had a hard time translating the phrase 'how often'... It came out kinda goofy, but it went ok. Translating in church is an adventure, but I like it, and I hope that I will get better :D I can't imaging the ASL translating, THEY NEVER STOP FOR YOU! YIKES ! I look up to you Mom! :D I did, even before you translated, by the way.

This week, Elder Lee Chip Sao has helped me be a better missionary, and I am impressed by his diligence. I don't know how much longer I will be in the office. President said that he is very happy with the changes that I have made, and the things that I have learned while working in the office. He said that being in the office is like training for church service later on. Whether I'll be gone in a transfer, or two, I am still happy to serve. I love being a missionary.

These are my thoughts for today.  I really don't like thinking about university too much, because when I do, YIKES I realize that I will see you too! Don't worry, the P-day BYU stuff is not too big of a distraction, and I am so thankful for your help, and thankful for the fact that I got admitted BEFORE my mission. I just need to do what you said Dad, and hold Jesus' hand, and keep going! 

Thanks for everything. I can not express, how much I love you all, and how much I want the best things for you! I pray for you! Have a good week, and pass my love to the family.

Have a good week!!!!

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