Monday, January 27, 2014

My Tahitian Needs Love

Hey Mom and Dad!

Thanks for the emails. Good to hear about my missionary friends, but more great to hear about my family :) Before I forget, I used an ATM and took 8 000 xpf out of checking. Should be arround 90 bucks. Had a problem with my church card so I used the visa in a pinch for groceries. I'll find out what the problem is this week. Just thought you'd wanna know that a purchase should be on the sheet. And yes I like choir.

This week has been good. We had a lot of rain the last few days, and a lot of cancelled lessons too. Not the best for the work. This week I think I gave 5 or 6 blessings too. That is really cool for me, but exhausting too. I gave one in half French half Tahitian, but it was really weak Tahitian. The brother in our ward speaks Tahitian WAY better than French but Marquesian is his first language. Got a reminder of how much love my Tahitian needs. FAAA is one of the most intellegent places in Tahiti, and one of the best places to use French. If and when I leave it, a LOT of Tahitian will come my way, ready or not haha. Elder Christensen is good at both. He served on Raetea I think. He's also been a really good friend too.

Sounds like the new ward is good! Michael's mom is awesome. Bummer dad won't be in Elders quorum with me anymore.... I thought that was fun. Did your preisthood like of athourity change? Wonder if you will ordain me a High Priest some day. Just cool.

The main problems with our investigators are drugs and marriage. I'm not a huge fan of writing an essay detailing my amis every week like some missionaries (progress report takes a long time anyways).  Also do they talk to you guys on Facebook? One said she tried. Anyway, thanks for the support. If you want to be involved the best way is to read 'Hastening the lords game plan' from the last GC, and make a family game plan like Elder Gifford Nielsen did. I would watch that, and then try and do little things for friends. Missionary work is a lot easier than FHE and Sacrament with friends. A lot of the time it is just being a friend for an investigator you'll already know. If the Stake missionaries have a Stake mission plan, THEY'D LOVE TO hear from you. Sorry it has not much to do with me, but if members here came to me, I'd be SOOOO Glad. Talk to the stake missionaries and share your game plan :) Prayer helps too :) thanks. 

Thanks for all your love and support. I love you so much and am glad to be here. I miss you all, but know I'll see you in 18 months. That's only a sister mission away, haha!



Monday, January 20, 2014

New Companion

Hey Mom and Dad. Thanks for the emails. Sorry last week was rough, but things are going OK now. 

I got a new comp.  I am with Elder Christiansen. Nice elder From San Diego. He is really smart and has been here since last January. Happy to have someone who is easier to communicate with. Yay!!! Either way I'm doing OK. I was down about [deceased cousin] a bit, and that just collided with a nasty interaction with some other Elders, and rough time with the trainee. Had a nasty two weeks. President helped me A LOT during interviews, and I am OK now. Thanks for the prayers and support. Struggles but not struggling. That describes it very well. Tell pres Finn Hi please. I really look up to him.

Last week we didn't have email time, because of PDAY choir practice... yup Dad, it still exists. It is only about fifteen min away from our place (ZLs pick us up) and all the missionaries from the main island sing together. It's been nice. I like singing with big groups.

Thank you everyone for the emails this week. I got tons and can't reply at all of them. THANKS for the mail too. Got a neat package from Grandmas Christmas party, and I got a card HUGE from the primary :) day made. Thanks guys. I love you all. I miss you guys, but it turns out I'm getting more and more used to Tahiti too. Hope I don't freeze to death back home :P I am liking the humidity more and more. I am sad to hear the ward got redrawn, but I know the church is still true, haha. That's just weird. Hope things are good in the new ward.

I LOVE YOU. Thanks for all your love. Email next week! :)

Elder Larsen

Monday, January 6, 2014

Rough Week

Hi all. Thanks for keeping me posted. I am really sad to hear the sad news. [Brigham's cousin passed away this week.  -Steve] I love him, and really hoped to get closer to him after my mission. I'll be ok. Send my love to the family.
This week's been rough.  I'm serving for now with a new Elder who is waiting for his visa to go to Vanuatu. I am still training, but its OK. We're in FAAA here still (yay! I really do like it) and everyone says sorry when they hear I serve here, haha. Its great! The people are so good. 
The first 12 weeks are over, and I hope things go OK this next period. Have no idea how long my new companion will serve here. I just want to help him.
Again I love you. I thank you for your prayers and emails, Mom and Dad. Sorry again to hear the sad news. 
I haven't gotten the xmas package yet, but thanks in advance.
I love you a ton! Thanks for all your support.