Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekly Update with Q & A

This week went well. We did lots of splits, and I got to got to Tautira with Elder Randall for a day. He is my buddy still. We were at the MTC together, and we get along great. I really love his teaching too! This week he and I were on the radio. Had fun, and read Heb 11 for all the presqe 'isle.

This P-Day we had fun fishing at Tautira, and shopping at Carrefour. I found Mentos there!!! Didn't catch any fish. We're still working out the system. I actually used a Mitchell rod, too. Its like 10 feet long and telescopes. No dice, yet.....

This week I had great studies too. I felt the spirit, and am getting better at recognizing it and how it pushes me. If I do my best to do a 100 percent study, I know that at least one thing I found or felt in study will be used during a lesson. I've had lots of crucial points come thanks to what I studied.

So we had our last missionary concert this Sunday... bummer. Oh how I love the hymns! I am making a list of which ones I like better in French than English, and I just figured out how to use the meter, and song names in the hymn book. Every time I forget which hymn it is I can find it by the hymns similar to it. I really love the hymns. Our concert ended PERFECTLY as we sung The Spirit of God. I think all the missionaries will get a recording from this one. I hope so! If not, at least I got the tie :)

General conference has become like my favorite thing to study now, outside of PMG and the scriptures. It is like one or two talks are written for me when I listen to them, then ALL of them are written for me when I go and read them.

I think my favorite talks were the Bednar one about the truck and the load, and Elder Packer's. I can't wait to get my Liahona (in a month or so... hehehe)

How are you guys!? Good to hear about the boat and taking family fishing.

Q & A

What do you weigh?
Weigh 86 kilos, thats like 191 pounds (been that way for about 3 months now). 

How much is gas?
Gas IS SOOO SPENDY, its like 7.50 per gallon.

Did you get my letter about Pres Bize yet?
Got the Bize letter and LOVED it, excited to meet that guy. 

Should we switch over to only e-mail or is the current system best (e-mail and snail mail both)?
I love the both, but its up to you. The letters are nice surprises when they come. Sorry about the lack of sent mail. :P I have one to send, think it will be sent in a day. 

Been fishin' again?
Went fishing today. 

Do you go to the mission office for mission council meeting 1/month?

How do you get practice to speak Tahitian?
Talk with old people.

Has filming started yet?
Missed filming actually, mild bummer. I was fine with it but some other Elders in my zone were a bit sad. Those they had chosen from our zone didn't go because its pretty far away. Excited to see the result though!

Do you still dream in French? Tahitian now?
Still in french, but not yet in Tahitian. 

Can you drive stick ok now? 
Yea, sticks ok. I did some all day driving, but the thing i dont like is the ity bitty roads here. The truck is smaller than or about the same as the malibu, but on these roads its huge, :)

I am so happy to have you guys as family. I miss you, but I am happy to be here. Thanks for the letters too! All the mails helps tons.

Short big letter today, but thanks for the [Q&A]. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Elder Larsen
Me and Elder Randall Today

Monday, April 21, 2014

Oui, il faut aimer les lundis :)

Hi mom! Thanks for the email! Crazy that McKenna is getting married. Awesome for Remington, and nice job Levi and Ethan... :) Thanks too for the email Dad!

In Tahiti, Easter usually means lots of nothing. Haha, no work, no open stores, no school, and EVERYBODY on the beach. We passed a dude in the ocean, on a lawn chair, with Hinano (Tahitian beer) in his hand. Typical, awesome local Tahitian vacation. Stereotypical island dude, no shirt no shoes, no... not sure what he has on. :P I love it here. They do eat fish though. Special days or holidays are usually times when you see the special fish. Mahimahi is EXCELLENT. So is Marlin, and Tuna, and and and :P Even getting used to Crab Nems (viatnemeese egg rolls) We have seen LOADS of tourists lately though because of Easter. They come to surf usually. The waves are begining to get bigger and by august, they will have the Billabong pro. Hope I'm here for that. That'd make a nice sticker for the collection :P Either way, I love this sector.

This week went well. I did an all day companion exchange for the first time, and it went great. We're supposed to do them with each Elder at least once per transfer. I liked it, but was stressed out because I did all the driving while elder Clark went to the other sector. It went good (as usual, worrying only makes it worse, and never is merited) and I got to know elder Sandstrom better. He got trained by Elder Petis too, and is a super nice guy. Just had a good productive exchange. I even did ok driving stick. Still getting used to that. Yesterday we had our stake conference, and Saturday we had a priesthood session, and a missionary work session. The WMLs and the Ward missionaries, and the bishops came, and stake president said things that I have been waiting to hear. SO GOOD! He helped us a lot and brought up the statistical reports to show bishops what their ward is and isnt doing as far as the Area presidency's expectations. Super good! Our stake president is probably the best orator i have ever met. I would like to be able to teach like him. He is SO powerful, and only eight years older than me. That's just crazy. He got called at 26, but is honestly the most mature guy in the room of 2000 members, minus maybe the patriarchs. He always has the spirit with him. I am sure that he is a ''typical'' stake president, but I never noticed how good at teaching other presidents are. Excited to learn from President Bize in 9 weeks, and from President Barfuss when I get home. It must be weird to be the prophet. All the other dudes, even the stake presidents, and the 70's learn from their priesthood authority, but he learns from a much much more powerful source. No mission president at whom one can field stupid questions, haha.

Today our whole zone did a sports Pday activity at the stake center because there was no choir practice! We had fun, and made our own sandwiches. I really love the missionaries in my zone, and want the best for them. We played soccer, bball, and ate. Simple, typical elder lead activity. I also studied a bit about Stephen. He is my favorite. I have read and reread his story dozens of times on my mission. If I could meet one person in the bible (apart from Jesus, duh; and maybe Enoch) I think it might be Stephen. He was just a normal guy, who was filled with the spirt and carried his testimony with power. His conviction and his authority lead him to pierce the hearts of those around him, and they could NOT deny the witness. I think of elder Calister when I think of him. Just SO cool! His story is also essential, because it shows that the apostles could confer the priesthood and its keys to just men. He received it by the laying on of hands, as did the other seven, and through him, Jesus's promise to the apostles is realized (Luke 21 i think). Just an awesome guy. When Elder Calsiter talked to the missionaries he taught with the same zeal, the same power. It was different from Elder Nelson. His talk was SO GOOD and was deeply spiritual too, but Elder Calisters was about SIMPLE gospel truths, and when he talked about them, the spirit was so strong. It was a strong learning experience for me. Elder Nelson showed us cool scriptures in French and English, talking about the accuracy of the french bible, and shared cool profound doctrines, but Elder Calister was just simple like Stephen. Just cool. Elder Nelson's apostolic blessing and witness was different too. I don't think I will forget that ever. That day was just like a bday present from Heavenly Father. So good.

I love you guys so much! Thanks for all the love and support! I miss you, but I am doing ok here. I love the people and the area, and I am getting more and more used to being a missionary. I love my mission and just want to do my best, and make a difference. Thank you for the prayers for my investigators. Needing for invite some more new investigators for baptism this week. I hope and pray that goes well; not for numbers, but because they need it, and Heavenly Father loves them.

Dad, keep it up with the quorum. I didn't understand or participate in missionary work very well in my aaronic priesthood quorums. Wish I would have done some, but looking at our ward boundaries, missionary work is SO different here than at home. I had 2 non member friends, not 2 member friends. I hope to be an engaged member no matter what the 'field' looks like at home. Its always white for those who show up to harvest.

I really love that King of Dreams movie. That and the Prince of Egypt one have done wonders for helping people understand what a prophet is here. I just ask, 'As-tu vu le prince d'Egypt?' Helps lots of kids too. When people get that Joseph Smith was like Moses and Noah (hey there is a movie about him?) it clicks.

I love you tons Dad! Thanks for helping me, and showing a good example. I love D&C 131:6, goes along with your lesson too.

Oh and for Mother's day, I plan on skyping again (free, and approved). I will still call the one, and it will probably be either the afternoon or night here, like it was for Christmas. Either way, if someone mans the computer after church Sunday, they can get a call. Ill know more probably next week.

SO that is one long letter. Took about 30 min, wow. Whoops, kinda rambled.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! Have a good week!

Orometua Larsen

Oh and last PS, could you send some family history stories? At least some names, like Caleb, and grandpa Egbert? Family history is a huge thing here, and I think that some stories would be good to share members and amis. They cant believe that my ancestors are pioneers, like REAL pioneers. Kinda cool :)
First vision-esque sunbeams! or shall I say 'maramarama' (in Tahitian) Serious Garden of  Eden foliage.

Monday, April 14, 2014

I Love These People!

Hey all! Thanks for the mail! I got the package with the glasses (thank you tons! They are perfect!) and I got tons of letters from the past three months too! :) That was awesome :)

Thanks for the e-mails! Dad, I do get a little bit better the possessions thing. The only problem is that a bit of that's going to go away when I'm back. Things here are SO EXPENSIVE (more than elder Victor level; the conversion rate makes it even worse) and I think getting back and seeing 99cent tacos will be a slight problem... haha

So, this P-day was great! We went to the end of the route at Teahupoo, and fished with the elders from Tautira and Toahoto. Elder Randals in toahotu. He has been a great friend. I really hope to stay in touch with him apres the mission. We caught nothing :( but still improving the methods. Used Hermit crabs as bait. The only problem is still no tiny tiny treble hooks. Gonna look for some next time in Papeete.

Last night we had our 2nd to last concert. It was in Papeete. It went SO WELL! I felt the spirit as we were singing The Spirit of God in French, and He taught me. It was like words in the song suddenly had meaning and CLICKED. It was great for me. I really appreciate the chance we've had to do this concerts. I was a bit hesitant to give up p-day for 4 months, but I am so glad we did. Seeing big big rewards and blessings from it.

Doritos taco sounds good about now. Eating Brie and Pain, er bread, from SuperU. Brie here is only like 3 bucks . Sooo good :)

Family I LOVE YOU!! Thanks for being awesome, and thanks for praying for me. Thanks for the package as well :) Felt spoiled :) The caps are perfect too! Ask the manufacturer? Oh and I love the parachord bracelet :) ! THANKS MOM!!!

I LOVE YOU TONS!! Sending some pics!


Orometua Larsen

PS started studying Tahitian through the DandC stories book! Got it from the mission home. Sister Anderson gave it to me :) LOVE the pictures and easy sentences :)

Today at Teahupo'o! E Houde (Canada) and Brown (Las Vegas) in Background
My awesome DMP!  DMP is french for WML [Ward Mission Leader]. I love these people! The guy at the end is [R]. We baptized him a while ago. I taught him here and in Faaa! Cool huh!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I love Mondays too! Can't wait to get on to hear how you're doing! I miss you guys, but I am glad to be here too. Last week it was great to email back and forth. I loved that :)

Snow sounds great, but I LOVE IT HERE! It's starting to cool down, and as the Summer comes to you it leaves us. Yes we did see General conference! It was at 6:00 a.m. and I got up at 4-something to get there... :P Two days in a row... :P pooped, but edified :) Here everyone watches it at the chapels or on their internet. The church has a policy that if it's being shown there must be a room in english so there was and that's were the missionaries and RMs watched it. It was cool to watch it with lots of other American missionaries. There are TONS of people at the chapels, and I think that the majority of those who'd watch on their internet come because they're in charge or social. I LOVE CONFERENCE and can't wait to read it like I did the last one. I studied it and it became so deeply personal for me. I LOVE last conference so much now. Can't wait to read this one.

[We had asked about his use of birthday cash, whether he has had any lobster, and about his mission vehicle and manual transmission driving progress.]

I have spent half of the b-day cash on Doritos and Pringles hehehe.

Had lobster (longoose) for Christmas and New Year. I loved it. I really liked oysters and mussels too. Just fun :) after farfaroo anything is possible!  :)

I have only driven a little. I'm not yet doing real driving, just parking lot, because I haven't gotten approved by Elder Clawson (Couple Elder from Canada :P) I should be fine just as soon as I talk to him. The clutch is different, but not to much different from the bike. I miss the shifting with toes though. Not gonna be used to the stick for a while :P Yes the truck has AC :)

Thanks for the advice on the mission. I really love it here, and one thing this is helping me realize is that sometimes crap happens. Sometimes days are rough. Sometimes you REALLY REALLY don't want things to go one way, but they DO (as if God did it on purpose...) and all you can do is your best. You just have to accept the way things are and do your best being humble and meek before Christ. If you pout or panic, things only still suck (not a scout word.... sorry). Things won't stop being rotten if you don't get up out of the dump. It's not to say I can't change situations, on the contrary you must change some situations. It's just been so different here than any other period in my life. I really am starting to love it. Even Elder Petis and I are good buddies now. We sit next to each other all the time in leader meetings. That's been wonderful.

I love you all! Thanks for being my family! Thanks Dad for your love and mail. Thanks Mom too! Thanks Cherise, Eulalia, Zephne, and James and Csilla, and everyone!! I love you guys so much! Have a good week!

Orometua Larsen

Oh and big PS, I forgot. I just found out today that I will be filmed. Not teaching, but for a reenactment of the mission in the 1800s.  I and about 10 or 15 other missionaries got assigned to be in a film the church is making about missionary work, and it will all look like it was a long time ago.  I am stoked :) No talking, just working out scenes that will all be narrated. Exciting and special opportunity. I'll tell you more when I know it :)

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!