Monday, April 14, 2014

I Love These People!

Hey all! Thanks for the mail! I got the package with the glasses (thank you tons! They are perfect!) and I got tons of letters from the past three months too! :) That was awesome :)

Thanks for the e-mails! Dad, I do get a little bit better the possessions thing. The only problem is that a bit of that's going to go away when I'm back. Things here are SO EXPENSIVE (more than elder Victor level; the conversion rate makes it even worse) and I think getting back and seeing 99cent tacos will be a slight problem... haha

So, this P-day was great! We went to the end of the route at Teahupoo, and fished with the elders from Tautira and Toahoto. Elder Randals in toahotu. He has been a great friend. I really hope to stay in touch with him apres the mission. We caught nothing :( but still improving the methods. Used Hermit crabs as bait. The only problem is still no tiny tiny treble hooks. Gonna look for some next time in Papeete.

Last night we had our 2nd to last concert. It was in Papeete. It went SO WELL! I felt the spirit as we were singing The Spirit of God in French, and He taught me. It was like words in the song suddenly had meaning and CLICKED. It was great for me. I really appreciate the chance we've had to do this concerts. I was a bit hesitant to give up p-day for 4 months, but I am so glad we did. Seeing big big rewards and blessings from it.

Doritos taco sounds good about now. Eating Brie and Pain, er bread, from SuperU. Brie here is only like 3 bucks . Sooo good :)

Family I LOVE YOU!! Thanks for being awesome, and thanks for praying for me. Thanks for the package as well :) Felt spoiled :) The caps are perfect too! Ask the manufacturer? Oh and I love the parachord bracelet :) ! THANKS MOM!!!

I LOVE YOU TONS!! Sending some pics!


Orometua Larsen

PS started studying Tahitian through the DandC stories book! Got it from the mission home. Sister Anderson gave it to me :) LOVE the pictures and easy sentences :)

Today at Teahupo'o! E Houde (Canada) and Brown (Las Vegas) in Background
My awesome DMP!  DMP is french for WML [Ward Mission Leader]. I love these people! The guy at the end is [R]. We baptized him a while ago. I taught him here and in Faaa! Cool huh!

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