Monday, September 29, 2014

A Return Visit to Vairao

Hi all!

This week was a good one. We had some more zone conferences, and we had a split at the end of the week, I got to go to Vairao again! I saw some of my good friends there, and got to teach some of the new investigators too. Elder Millet and Elder Ball currently serve there, and I got to stay with Elder Millet while Elder Taylor and Elder Ball were in ville. It was just a good experience for me, and I really enjoyed being with Elder Millet too. He is awesome, and he and Elder Ball are doing a lot of good work on the almost island (Presqu'isle). SO, this week, I am sending some pictures from the split with elder Millet. I love the scenic beauty on that part of Tahiti. I miss seeing the sunsets on the ocean, but I love seeing the temple everyday. That is such a cool thing about my sector.

So, how are you all? Good to hear about your being back from Europe. Flying has got to get old I imagine. The eight hours coming here were enough for me, and I don't look forward to getting back on a plane. My femurs weren't made for it. :P I think Dad, you have it worse though. I am excited to see General Conference, and its fun to think that you will be watching it too, and at the same time as me! It feels like I just got done watching it with elder Clark in the Papeari stake center. I only have one more conference after this one, as a missionary. Then maybe I'll see the one after that with you guys, in PJ's!

This week coming we are gonna finish the zone conferences, and then I bet we're gonna get ready for transfers. A big group of local missionaries finishes soon, and it will displace a ton of missionaries. Should be fun! As far as today goes, I think I am going to take a nap, and I hope a haircut. It's getting kinda long. Cant wait for the short buzzed feel. I love having short hair, and cant imagine having long hair here in the pacific climate. It feels like every week, I just told you about getting a hair cut. Things are going way too fast.

Congratulations in advance to Cherise and Brandon! I am happy for you guys! Have a good wedding, and good luck with everything! I love you, and whether or not there is a cardboard cut-out of me, know that I wish I could be there. Freeze a piece of cake for me! :P And send me some pics!

This is about all for this week. It was a good week, and I am happy to be here. I love you all SO MUCH, and thank you for your support. Have a good week, and happy Birthday, happy Wedding, and happy General Conference!  I love you all!


Oh, and PS, Mom and Dad, have you had Roquefort cheese in your Europe travels? I just thought of that, and realized you guys have access to THE BEST cheeses in France and Belgium. I love trying cheeses here, and will miss that in the states. Next time you guys go to Europe, try a sandwich with sauce Roquefort. SOOO good. Its a strong blue cheese.

Me and [a previous] investigator and her son. I got to see them this week, and it was super cool to see how she's progressed.
With Elder Millet

Monday, September 22, 2014

I'll Always Be a Missionary.


BELGIUM! So cool! I am happy to hear that you are doing well :) Happy you found some ribs and chocolate mousse too ;) I'd love to see other French speaking places some day, but for the moment, Tahiti is pretty much awesome :)

Today we played soccer with a group of kids and investigators in our sector, and helped an RM teach his seminary class (our friend Elder Tumare, who was an assistant when I started) Fun to see him again, and to see him as a member, and not a missionary (Kronk voice : Weird....) Its weird thinking that I'm more than half way now, 14 months on Wednesday. I don't wanna think about that though. I'll always be a missionary. Thinking about after mission is just odd, and seems silly :P I forget that I didn't used to be a missionary. Either way, I'm happy to be here :D

Thanks for the President Monson fishin' pic dad :D I'd really love to meet him, but I know that he is one busy dude. I have complete confidence in him, and I'm happy he is our prophet. Fun to see him as a dad, and fishin' dude too :)

I'm happy you see the Church outside of the US too. It has been a treat for me to see that it's true, and that it's just as true in English, or French, or Tahitian, or Flemish, or any other language. I am so happy to be in the Church!

Side note!

This Saturday we got to go to do baptisms for the dead with our new converts! It was awesome. I took a Tahiti [Temple] selfie photo for you Dad, to match your HK one :P After that, we had our baptism and marriage service (woohoo!) This week was full of Zone conferences. Elder Taylor and I have been giving training talks about our missionary call letter. Its been really fun, and a good chance to see all the missionaries zone by zone. Its been soo crazy hectic the past week, running back and forth, and getting stuff ready for the conferences, but it is soo fun too. I really love being a missionary, and I am happy to be here, and lucky to be with Elder Taylor.  He is a fun guy.

I'm sending some pictures this week. Sorry for the shorty letter. Just know that I am happy and doing well here. Thanks for the prayers, and for all your love and support. I am sooo blessed to have you as my family. I love you all soo much!!!!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, my sector is RIGHT NEXT TO THE TEMPLE!! I see it every day. Our chapel is the temple chapel. Ward of Fautaua, stake Papeete. The ward is up in the valley above the temple, easy to see on google maps. Small sector, FULL of people.

HAVE A GOOD WEEK MY FAMILY! Travel safe too!


At the Temple with New Members
Tahiti Temple Selfie
With Elders Demuick and Calves.  They got stuck in LA on their way home to France, but they are home now.
Zone Conference at Arue

Monday, September 15, 2014

This Week Has Been EXCELLENT!

This week has been (Bill and Ted voice) EXCELLENT!

Things ended very well with Elder Teihotu. We had a good last day on Tuesday, then I got picked up Tuesday night. BIG CHANGE Things are very very very busy. This is GREAT!

Wednesday we did the 2nd half of the transfers; moving bags, and elders, and bikes for all day, plus a 2hr meeting with president. The next day we had more meetings, and less and less time in our sector. Dad, you were right; more time with president in one week than the rest of my mission. This whole week has flown by, and I am very happy to be busy. This is just going to be a fun, but demanding assignment. I am thrilled. Happy to have the chance to learn, and to serve!

SOOOOOO Happy to hear about Cherise going to the temple and Zephne having a GIRL!!!!! WOOOHOOO! Happy and stoked for all of you! Way to go! I can't wait to see you all again, but thanks Zeph and James for the awesome photos :D Just awesome. Cherise, CONGRATS!!! I love the temple more and more each time I get to go, and it is like the FASTEST relief for stress, or worry. I walk in, and its like everything else goes on pause, or silent mode. Temptations, work, problems, just CLEAN and CLEAR in the temple. I am so happy you went, and equally thrilled for you and Brandon going to be SEALED! Just Awesome :)

Also cool to hear about world travels! I got Dad's letter from a few weeks ago, from being in Hong Kong. I thought that was the funniest food, and loved the rain-wet selfie :)  I hope you and Mom get to go in some temples during your travels. So cool! I really am excited and happy for all of you! I think you people are the coolest :)

Last night I ate tuna or bonnet tartare! SOOOOOO GOOOD! its like salsa, BUT with fish instead of guacamole. It would be great on tortilla chips. Raw fish is really growing on me. :D Being back in the thick of the city is awesome. We are spoiled here and eat really well. I am doing good health wise, still at like 83 kilos (to stay, I hope :P) and doing good.

So, my companion Elder Taylor is really cool! He is one of the nicest people I have ever served with, and I feel the Spirit SO often as he teaches. Very very very lucky to serve with and learn from him. I'm sending some pics. One should be me and him last night  (LATE, finishing the week's report hooray!), and another is me and elder Tau at like 4h00 in the airport ( yeah that's early). He's the elder I am come to replace, or rather, take over for. Can't replace people. He is such a good guy, and I've looked up to him too.

SOOO, this is this week pretty much in a nutshell. I am happy, tired, full, and excited. Good to hear from you. I love you and miss you all, but I shall see you soon enough, right? Have a good week, and hurrah for Israel!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, my sector is RIGHT NEXT TO THE TEMPLE!! I see it every day. Our chapel is the temple chapel. Ward of Fautaua, stake Papeete. The ward is up in the valey above the temple, easy to see on google maps. Small sector, FULL of people.



Oh, and I forgot, vite fait, my IDL (international driving license) shall expire soon. If you could send me the new one soon, that would be shweet!

Oh and PS, Joseph is done this week right!? Good luck Joseph!

Elder Larsen and Elder Taylor Finish the Weekly Report
Elder Larsen and Elder Tau
Visitors Center Mural

Monday, September 8, 2014

Last Week in Hitiaa, Including Shark Pancakes

Hi everyone!

This week has been an interesting one. I will be transferred Tuesday night (tomorrow) and begin my new assignment then. I got to see almost all of our investigators here one last time, and tomorow I'll get to teach some of them one last time. This sector has been really a learning experience for me, and I love the people here. During sacrament meeting yesterday I got to bear my testimony, and they called a new Ward Mission Leader too. I really hope this ward does well. I'm excited for my new assignment, and a bit nervous too :P like normal. I am very stoked to work with President though, and I think the list of pros you sent is pretty cool dad. There arent really any cons, other than LOTS of responsibility. I am just happy to serve, and I hope that I can fill this calling how President and Heavenly father want me to.

In response to your questions Dad,

There are only two APs, but president just set up a new project, sending some powerful missionaries out to train in the islands, until the finish. That's what Elder Clark and Fyffe will be doing, along with 2 or 3 other missionaries. They are pretty much their own leadership, because no one will be visiting for the rest of their missions. Crazy huh!?

Our APs stay together in one sector, most of the time, BUT have regular splits with the ZLs and any other companionship that needs it. E Taylor will still be my comp when I'm 'home' in Fautaua (next to the temple). There are a lot of leadership training meetings, and that is one of the biggest  roles our APs do. Training the ZLs, and working with Stake Presidencies and stuff. I am stoked :)

Yes we have an office couple, the Andersons, from Montana. Elder Anderson is born a Canadian, but sister Anderson is from Billings I think. I love them. They are in charge of most of the travel and cars and apartment stuff. Another couple takes care of other secretarial stuff too.

This week we had 18 lessons. Not to shabby. We had one of our high council men with us too, for several lessons. He has helped us a ton. Another member here, an old man who used to be a protestant preacher (then became a bishop!) said good bye to me last night, and it was just a special moment. I really have loved this man, and working with him I have learned a lot about the Bible. We shared favorite scriptures, and he told me to call when I leave for home, so he can say good bye. Nice, tender old man, who works like crazy with the missionaries. When I got here in Hitiaa I prayed asking Heavenly Father for an Amulek. I was worried about the situation I was coming into, and I asked for Heavenly Father's help so we could do work. I know that this man was an answer to those prayers, and he really is my friend. It was very special, like a Grandpa, and friend, and Yoda at the same time. I will miss Papi Tera.

Friday I ate shark. :) It tastes like fish. :P A family fed it to us, in pancakes. Its not bad, but I think it might be frowned upon (not sure if catching sharks is taboo). Either way, it tastes pretty good. I have heard a lot about Turtle (but I know that is taboo) apparently lots of people love it too. I don't think I'll eat it if I get the chance.

This week I saw something really sad. We went to a lesson, and our investigator got in a big fight with his wife, right in front of us. His wife didn't want us to come and our ami loves our lessons. He was really interested, but his wife saw us and began chewing her husband out. They yelled and yelled, and then after some silence our ami came out and we said goodbye, sadly. His brother is a member though, so we know that it's not the end yet. I sure hope that he can continue some day. I am so glad that I am a member now, and its just goofy seeing people get in fights over the Gospel. It was an interesting experience, and it reinforces my wanting to marry in the TEMPLE!

Well, that's about all I have to say this week. I am tired, and excited for my new assignment. Wish me luck! I will be fine, I just need to make it to Tuesday night. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Thanks for all the prayers!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Adventure and a Huge Surprise.

Yes mom, I am OK! :) Good to hear about Caleb. I wish him the best.  Dad, I didn't see myself in the photos, and we left right before the 2nd semi final. But it was pretty cool :) Oh, and good fishing!

This week was another adventure, and I got a HUGE surprise.

Thursday night, I got a phone call from a very URGENT president Bize. He asked (at like 7:30 PM) when the next possible moment was, that he could come and see me in person. It was funny, I stuttered, and was a bit worried by the urgency in his voice, he told me nothing was wrong (thank goodness, no one died :P) and that he'd talk to me the next day before zone meeting. So, the next day we had an interview, and he told me I am going to  be transferred. Sister Bize was there too (not usual for interviews) and they both told me that I am called to be the new assistant to President. :0  Not what I expected. My companion will be Elder Taylor from Kaysville UT, who's been the AP with Elder Tau from Polynesia, for the past 7 months. Wow. NOT what I expected. I'm excited, a bit nervous, and glad to serve! This should be interesting :P

So, sorry for the short email Monday. Billabong pro was cool! It smelled like beer though :\ Kinda like the fourth of July at midnight crowd. It was a neat experience though :P

I really don't have a ton to say this week. I am getting ready to go to Papeete later this week. That's where my sector will be.  I hope that this last week goes OK. PLEASE pray for us! I need it! I am relieved to know the end is in sight for my current assignment, and bracing for impact from my new one :) That's pretty much all that I can focus on right now. We got a lot done, 21 lessons, and I am happy about that. We had two of our stake's High Councilmen with us for some lessons this week, and that was cool too! One, named Ken, said he sent a photo of me on a split with Elder Lee Chip Sao (month ago) to you, or at least put it on face book. His son serves in Colorado, and was at the MTC with me. Cool huh!? I hope you saw the picture. He says that I MUST SEND PHOTOS! because his sons don't send him enough. SORRY! No photo this week, virus ridden computer, BUT I will send one after the transfer next week.

I think later today we will go get haircuts. Wish me luck! I've done pretty good so far on getting OK free cuts. It's a goal I have to never pay for a cut here in Tahiti. It is SPENDY, and it's a mini adventure every time that I get a free one, right :D Our teacher at the MTC had his hair cut by a drunk man once. Ooohh. Funny photos. Don't worry, I won't do that.

Again, I love you all! Thank you for your love and support. I am doing my best, and I am gonna be fine :) 


Elder Larsen and Elder Lee Chip Sao