Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Adventure and a Huge Surprise.

Yes mom, I am OK! :) Good to hear about Caleb. I wish him the best.  Dad, I didn't see myself in the photos, and we left right before the 2nd semi final. But it was pretty cool :) Oh, and good fishing!

This week was another adventure, and I got a HUGE surprise.

Thursday night, I got a phone call from a very URGENT president Bize. He asked (at like 7:30 PM) when the next possible moment was, that he could come and see me in person. It was funny, I stuttered, and was a bit worried by the urgency in his voice, he told me nothing was wrong (thank goodness, no one died :P) and that he'd talk to me the next day before zone meeting. So, the next day we had an interview, and he told me I am going to  be transferred. Sister Bize was there too (not usual for interviews) and they both told me that I am called to be the new assistant to President. :0  Not what I expected. My companion will be Elder Taylor from Kaysville UT, who's been the AP with Elder Tau from Polynesia, for the past 7 months. Wow. NOT what I expected. I'm excited, a bit nervous, and glad to serve! This should be interesting :P

So, sorry for the short email Monday. Billabong pro was cool! It smelled like beer though :\ Kinda like the fourth of July at midnight crowd. It was a neat experience though :P

I really don't have a ton to say this week. I am getting ready to go to Papeete later this week. That's where my sector will be.  I hope that this last week goes OK. PLEASE pray for us! I need it! I am relieved to know the end is in sight for my current assignment, and bracing for impact from my new one :) That's pretty much all that I can focus on right now. We got a lot done, 21 lessons, and I am happy about that. We had two of our stake's High Councilmen with us for some lessons this week, and that was cool too! One, named Ken, said he sent a photo of me on a split with Elder Lee Chip Sao (month ago) to you, or at least put it on face book. His son serves in Colorado, and was at the MTC with me. Cool huh!? I hope you saw the picture. He says that I MUST SEND PHOTOS! because his sons don't send him enough. SORRY! No photo this week, virus ridden computer, BUT I will send one after the transfer next week.

I think later today we will go get haircuts. Wish me luck! I've done pretty good so far on getting OK free cuts. It's a goal I have to never pay for a cut here in Tahiti. It is SPENDY, and it's a mini adventure every time that I get a free one, right :D Our teacher at the MTC had his hair cut by a drunk man once. Ooohh. Funny photos. Don't worry, I won't do that.

Again, I love you all! Thank you for your love and support. I am doing my best, and I am gonna be fine :) 


Elder Larsen and Elder Lee Chip Sao

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