Thursday, October 31, 2013

Missionaries At Airport

Hello Parents,

Here is a photo for the airport.  Sorry it has taken me so long to get to you.

Have a great day
Sr. Hemming

Monday, October 28, 2013

This Week Was Crazy

Hey Dad! Sorry to hear Mom's in surgery again. Ugh. Hope all goes well. Haven't gotten your letter for this week yet, but the last one came early so I'm happy.

This week was crazy. Taught 33 lessons and had a baptism and confirmation. It was good. I spoke in sacrament meeting, and gave the confirmation too. That was a HUGE stretch for me, and it went OK. I am doing my best and that's what counts.

After one lesson this week I felt the spirit so strong. I felt a love for our investigator, and couldn't stop thinking and praying about her. It was cool. I think that type of concern should be there for all my amis [amis = investigators -Steve]. We teach a lot of people and as I get to know them, I learn to love them too.

Please keep praying for me. This is not easy. I feel alone once in a while, and my comp is frustrated with me. I KNOW that I'm doing what's right, so I am trying to trust the Lord that He'll take care of me.

Tell Grandma and Grandpa I say thanks for the birthday gift! And that I love them :)

Tell Mom to get better, and be safe and happy. I LOVE YOU!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Oct 21 Physical Letter

Things are Going Well Here

DAD!!! Hi :)  

[Mom got a separate e-mail today. -Steve]

I love you! Thanks for the bday stuff :) feel silly having asked for it now. You provide for me out here, and I am so grateful for that.

I sent my first letter today (another one should arrive soon through an RM) so expect it in a few weeks.

Things are going well here. I love the people, and the culture is growing on me. The people here love Americans and like to joke with all the English they know. Its super funny.

Don't have lots of email time, its on a wacky keyboard too, so I'll be brief. You can transcribe the letters to the blog, or just write your thoughts on it or something, lol

This week we taught a bunch of people, and I actually participated more. My comp Elder Petis speaks a bit of English but wont admit it, so he bails me out after I'm totally lost by giving me some words. He is super nice and is like the Tahitian Keaton if that makes sense. He and I are getting along really well. we teach about 30 lessons a week which means like one per hour. It's hard but good

Dad, thank you for all the love and for having me as your son. I have seen wrecked families here, and am SO grateful for your love, and time in raising a good close family. I am so glad you are my dad. Thanks for the bday stuff again :) I will get some wacky fruit to try and maybe some cheese or Doritos. Again I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Please relay my love to Eulalia and Cherise. I miss and love all of you!

Elder Larsen

Monday, October 14, 2013

First Message from Tahiti

My parents. Hi. This has been a whirlwind. Struggling on the frch keyboard so some of this might not be typed right, lol


So, I am in Faaa, it is on the main land, next to Papeete, and the airport. We made it in and got a bit of sleep then headed out to have breakfast, orientation, and get assigned. It was super cool, and Pres and Sis Sinjoux are so nice. The mission home is so calm and clean, not like our appt, lol. Dad, your letters arrived from the 15th and the 22nd. Thanks. That was a pleasant surprise. I'm sending a letter today too.

This is NOT the language they taught at the MTC... but really, haha. It is so not french french, but I know that it will come. Teaching is hard, but talking with ward members is harder. They are all nice here though.

My body does not officially like the food here. Yup. What Molinari said on his blog might be true for me... at least for now. I had a fever yesterday, but think its mostly gone now. Got a blessing and drank water Hope that stops. Really need to be able to eat more so I can make it on the bike.

My bike made it! thanks for a bike that fits. We pedal more than most of the mission, and its super hilly here, so I'm glad its working. Can you send me some disc brake maintenance info?  That would help a lot. In an email or in a letter would be cool.

Things are good here. feeling a bit inadequate, but I know that God will watch out for me. My comp Elder Petis is from the Tuamotus and is super good at teaching. He will help me a lot. I think I'll send more stories in mail cuz this keyboard is wacky.

Please keep praying for me. Thank you thank you thank you. I love you all. I miss you all. Miss the food, the cold, and the English, but I know I'm supposed to be here. thanks for loving me and supporting me. Talk to you in a week :D

Gonna try to send pics in a min. here goes! love you

Belida is the lady in the pic, super nice.  Baptism the 30th.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Message from the Mission Office

Hello Families,

Your missionaries have arrived in Tahiti.  All is well.  We have been a little busy with 27 arrivals.  You missionaries will be able to e-mail on Monday. I will send photos as soon as possible sorry for the delay.

Have a great day

Sister Hemming

Saturday, October 5, 2013

I Am So Excited for TAHITI!!

Hi Mom and Dad!

This week has been crazy. I am packing like crazy. Sent a cheap box to Zeph filled with study stuff and heavy toiletries that won't fit in the 50 lbs limit. Thanks for the stuff you've sent. I think I should get it today, and if I don't they'll just forward it back to you probably. The mail system is kinda slow here, but they do call down elders to get packages if its the day before they leave. Hope they'll do that Sunday, but whatever.

I am so excited for TAHITI!! Can't believe that we are actually going, and that I am actually gonna be a real missionary.... in FRENCH, and TAHITIAN...... That concept still hasn't sunken in, that people actually speak that outside of Highschool and the MTC.

Thank you so much for you love and prayers. I heard they are televising the priesthood session this year because of the feminist group. Funny how they'll never televise the Relief Society broadcast because all the guys are like "Annother meeting?! Nobody's asking for that..." Thought that was funny.

This week has been full of tender mercies too. We went to INFIELD orientation. It's like a 8 hour meeting, or group of meetings, in which all the departing missionaries get taught by all the awesome teacher bosses (teacher zone and district coordinators I think). It was SO COOL. I felt so excited about half way through, and it wiped away my anxiety about travel, and packing, and culture, and and and. It was a cool excitement, and realization that I can do it. And that I don't have to do it alone because the Lord will be doing the teaching if I'm doing my best. I have to remind myself of that feeling and use it to chase the doubt away.

I am really close on weight, and I wont know for sure until the morning of. I have to throw some small items in right after I shower and get dressed on Monday. If I'm over i might leave my blanket here for an elder to send to Zeph through postmart. Hope i don't have to leave it though... I love my blanky.... :(  I was off on my estimate for when I'd do the ATM thing, and I only took 80 out did it yesterday. The ATM card didn't work but the debit did (charged 2 bucks). President wants us to have $100 on us for expenses the day we arrive in Tahiti, in cash, so now I do. I think the 600 (right?) that's still in there should be enough. 150-200 for the bike, 75 for checked bag number two, and the carry on and bag 1 are free. I am taking my timbuk2 bag as a personal item, and my camelbak as my carry on and hope they are good with that. Elder Randal who's flown to France, Hawaii, and all around the world since he was 2 says they will be because the timbuk2 fits under the seat in front of me. Really hope that it works, and thats the only place i see other funds being used, if they squabble at that. Or if I go over. It's like 75 bucks more if I'm over on a checked bag... Not gonna let that happen.

I have my reciept for the bike, and everything else I need. If the package makes it to me I will put whats in it in my carry on. It will work out. (can you tell I'm nervous... :P)

I love you SO MUCH! You are the best family ever. I really am so glad that I have parents who love each other and me, and who are supporting me on the whole mission thing. This has been the hardest thing I've done so far (yurt moment for Dad), but I have already come closer to the Savior, and I've learned a lot. I know it only gets harder from here, but I know you are praying for me. When I get discouraged I try to remember that I know this is true, and that I am doing my best. That's what counts, and that's what my teachers say will make all the difference.

Thanks again, and have a good week or two. I will probably be able to email next Monday (the one in 10 days) but if not I will do my best to let you know where I'm going. Internet is iffy, but I will try!


~Elder Brigham Larsen