Monday, August 3, 2015

This Is It!

Well, this is it! (and no, this is not 'This is it' the Michael Jackson biography movie) I can just put my hands in the air like he did though. This is it! [two hand symbols here -ed]  Mom is probably rolling her eyes.... Sorry Mom.

This will likely be my last regular e-mail home. 

This has been a good two years. I have been able to meet some amazing people, as well as some really troubled people. I've spent hours reading the scriptures, and even more time trying to speak to  and help people in French and Tahitian. I've felt the Holy Ghost's presence STRONGER and more frequently during these past two years than during any other period of my life, and I can say that my personal testimony really has grown. I love Tahiti, and all of Polynesia, and I really am so happy that I have been able to be here. This has been the coolest thing ever. Like, ever. Really though. I have seen people come to Christ, and have their lives changed because of it. 

Mom, I don't know if you remember it, when I told you all about my fist big trip on the dirt bikes with Dad, and just couldn't express how cool it was. I called you on the phone, from the motel. I was DRAINED/exhausted, so tired, but I was excited, and couldn't express to you, how cool it was. All I could say was "It was sooo coool!" I feel about the same way. This has been the most amazing time EVER! I am very thankful for the chance I have to be a full time missionary! I'm not fully 'drained' yet though! I still have a week left in me! :D
This week, things went really, really well, and Heavenly Father helped us find some new people to teach! We got to fast (woohooo!) and I felt a boost from it. Fasting is really one of the best things, EVER! Each time I fast, I feel calm, and happy afterwards. It's worth the heartburn. During our fast this Saturday, we met some nice folks, and were able to fix a couple lessons! We also succeeded in contacting a former investigator that we've been looking for, for the past few weeks. We began the fast, left the house, and then IMMEDIATELY found this guy. In-fact, he was the one who found us! He was a bit tipsy, but he was thrilled to see us, and came up to talk with us. We're gonna see him this week, and hopeful we can help him! 

This week went SO FAST. Like really though. It feels like a day has gone by. 'White-washing' a sector isn't very easy, and at first it was a bit slow; but now, we are cruising! I just hope that we can see a few more miracles here before I leave. I will miss Fakarava a lot. I cannot wait to tell you all about this place.

This week, I studied more in the Book of Mormon, and I arrived at 2nd Nephi! WOO HOO!! I have been going really fast, and it has been great to reread the beginning of the book, with all of the end in mind. It has helped me make sense of some of Isaiah's counsel, cited by Nephi, along with large portions of Lehi's dream, and the related interpretations, and revelations that Nephi had (like chapter 15 and 14). Dude, Nephi was the MAN! I read most of that in one sitting. Sometimes I really like reading big chunks to help me see the continuity in the story, and the doctrines taught. Favorite verse thus far : 1 Nephi 13:37

Things are going well here. I got my ticket home today... :\ kinda bitter sweet, but I am SO STOKED to see you all and to catch up! I can't believe its already August. I just cant believe that this is it!

I've seen TONS of other families, with varying degrees of functionality and success, and I can truly say, that I would have no other family than ours! I feel very blessed, and I love you all.

Have a good week.
I will see you next Tuesday :)

Hurrah for Israel!