Monday, July 28, 2014

Doctor Visit and Sandfish

Thanks for the e-mail Mom! Hey, Dad! Things are going OK and I'm hanging in there. My one year day was good, Elder Clark made me crepes :), but I didn't eat them until the day after because my stomach hurt :( Its better now though.

This week started with an adventure. Don't worry, I'M FINE :) The day we had interviews, Sister Warner, the mission nurse surprised me by taking me to the doctor's office en ville... She's been a bit concerned by my weight loss (I'm fine) and we went to a French doc, who said it's all because of the climate, and stress. He then had me lay down on a table, and squeezed my stomach. It hurt, and he chuckled, and said its probably been clenched for a while. He gave me a prescription for Omeprazole. Supposed to help my stomach work normally, and not feel stressed stomach aches. I've taken it for a few days, and I actually have been hungry for breakfast :) I am fine don't worry!

Interviews were good, and President Gave me a blessing. I really love President Bize, and I want to do the best I can.

I love you! Got a few minutes left today, but not much.

I've been fishing a bit here, sending some pics. Ugly sand fish.


Oh and PS, I went to some sweet fishing stores today! I might buy a cheapie rod with the Christmas money. We shall see though :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

You Gotta Try to Eat Sashimi!

Thanks for the email Dad! Good to hear about hiking and travels and Cherise's engagement from her too! So cool :)

Cool action figure too :D hehe. Brother so and so is probably making lots of action figures, hehehe

This week was OK. Thanks for the advice and the love. I really need the prayers.

I don't have lots of writing time, and I have to email a big letter to Pres. Bize.  I LOVE YOU! I pray for you guys.  Sorry for short email. I'm doing OK, and and sending a letter this week too. Went fishing :) Sending report in mail :)

Also, good recuperation for mom! Sorry mom! I know things will be OK. I sure hope this will be the last surgery for a while.

Thanks for the love. I love you. Really do.

Good luck in Japan, Dad. OH! You gotta try to eat SASHIMI! It is sooo good. It might make you a little ill if you eat a lot the first time though. I really recommend it with soy sauce, or mustard sashimi sauce. If you don't eat it, I don't blame you though. really took me a minute to try it. Raw.... just raw... tuna is so good raw :)



Monday, July 14, 2014


This week has been interesting. Thank you for the prayers. I need them.

This week, I got to see Hitiaa. it is a HUGE sector, and a small ward, as in not a lot of people. It's super pretty here too. The people here are cool, and have a laid back mentality. I just hope that we can get some more work done. We were at the house a lot this week, because ET is sick. I think he's over it. If not, we're still not gonna go to the house :\  I am doing OK, I just need your prayers to help us become efficient, and please pray to help us find the people I need to find.

Luckily I am with Elder Clark and LeeChipSao. LCS is from my first sector, and I know his family REALLY well. His cousin is the one who worked with me and E Clark in Vairaoo while waiting for his visa. Its nice to have them there. Things will be OK.

Whilst at the house, I read almost all of Our Heritage, in French. OK mom, you were right. Its good, and I should have brought it :P I got a copy from the distribution center, and I really have appreciated reading it. The stories in it are awesome, and make me remember that I have it lucky. I really am proud to be a member, and I am so happy that I am. I love you all, and I miss you, but I know things will work out. I am doing my best, and I need to make my best better.

Thanks for your prayers and love. I love you too, and I will try and write more next week. I'm doing OK. I love you!!!

Oh, and I got some letters! Thanks :)

Love you!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Transferred to Hitia

[This week's entry is somewhat redacted.  Family can contact Steve to get a forwarded copy of the original. -SL]

This week has been CRAZY. Sadly, I think I'm missing Billabong [i.e. he will not be in the vicinity of Teahupo'o for when the pro surfing tour stops there in August.  -SL]

This week started out with the concert with Pres Bize, Sunday. I think I told you all about that. It was sweet. Then, Tuesday, I was on a split with Elder Demynuk (from France) and it was great too. Then upon returning to the house with Elder Ball, I get a call from the assistants... They told me I'm going to HITIA. It's not far from my old sector actually.

So the next day we have a mission conference, SWEET! President Bize is sooo cool, and I loved his formations--he talks like half English and half French. He is implementing programs to teach all misssionaires English because of how it blessed his life. Any way, so during the conf, I go talk to President, and tells me about my new companion.

So, Thursday, till Saturday was awkward, leaving the sector is just odd. Requestioning lots of stuff, like, "Do I teach well enough, what do I need to improve for the next sector, and what didn't I get done yet?"  Stressfull. And hard to say goodbye. Sunday, we did a zone fireside for members; and President Bize came, SUPRISE! Again, HE IS SO awesome. Had a good last day in Vairao, and then my good friend, Sister Temauri, organized a going away meal for me :O Several new converts and dear families. Wow; Sooo lucky. I cried like a little boy, and said goodbye. I REALLY love the people there, and wow. Just wow. Weird leaving.

Today I got to Hitia. Said bye to E Ball, and then whoop! Had a good day. My comp's name is Elder Teihotu. He's from here, and FISHES!!! I caught a small surf fish today, and sounds like P-day fishing will be a repeat activity :D Oh also found out my friend Elder CLARK! is in the same house :) He's my zone leader now, and I am lucky to have a good friend and support there like all the time.

Sorry if this e-mail is scattered or just awkward. I am doing well. Thanks for all your love and support.  I am so glad to be missionaire.

PS the 4th was fun here. Had a disrtict meeting and sang God Bless America.... :P

I LOVE YOU!!! Thanks!!

Pics next week, not lots of time.

Elder Brigham Larsen