Monday, July 28, 2014

Doctor Visit and Sandfish

Thanks for the e-mail Mom! Hey, Dad! Things are going OK and I'm hanging in there. My one year day was good, Elder Clark made me crepes :), but I didn't eat them until the day after because my stomach hurt :( Its better now though.

This week started with an adventure. Don't worry, I'M FINE :) The day we had interviews, Sister Warner, the mission nurse surprised me by taking me to the doctor's office en ville... She's been a bit concerned by my weight loss (I'm fine) and we went to a French doc, who said it's all because of the climate, and stress. He then had me lay down on a table, and squeezed my stomach. It hurt, and he chuckled, and said its probably been clenched for a while. He gave me a prescription for Omeprazole. Supposed to help my stomach work normally, and not feel stressed stomach aches. I've taken it for a few days, and I actually have been hungry for breakfast :) I am fine don't worry!

Interviews were good, and President Gave me a blessing. I really love President Bize, and I want to do the best I can.

I love you! Got a few minutes left today, but not much.

I've been fishing a bit here, sending some pics. Ugly sand fish.


Oh and PS, I went to some sweet fishing stores today! I might buy a cheapie rod with the Christmas money. We shall see though :)

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