Monday, August 4, 2014

Learning Charity and a Blue Spotted Grouper

Hey Mom! Hey Dad! Thanks for the letters. Things are going well here in Hitiaa. SO HAPPY you tried the bonbon chinoisse. I don't eat them a lot, and YES they do make your stomach hurt if you eat like 2. Crazy :P

So glad to hear from you Dad! I am glad all is well, and that Japan was a success. I hope that Hitiaa will be a success for me.

This week started off with some good lessons. We have a baptism fixed, HOORAY! and our DMP, [Ward Mission Leader] is getting more involved. I love our Bishop here, and things are going to work in the ward. Just gotta get to it!

This week, I have learned a lot about charity. I read about it in PMG, and I have been thinking all about it. It is really one of the most important things to have to work with others, and without charity one is NOTHING. Crazy. I am trying to show more of it, and I know that its possible through the Holy Ghost. Forgiving and forgetting harsh comments, and tough situations isn't easy, but it's possible through the atonement, and having charity is how that manifests. I am super grateful to have had you as my parents and I feel SO lucky for the charity you guys have, and have shown us. I love you! and I know that things will be OK. I am almost out of writing time, so I think I better write president. Have a good week, and thanks for being my parents. Thanks for everything! Have a good girls camp Mom!! BE SAFE!

Gotta run to an FHE. I LOVE YOU!!!

Have a good week, and thanks for praying for me!


Oh, and PS, we had a fun fishing trip today! Just behind our house. The sand fish taste weird, but my companion and E Clark caught some tasty fish.

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