Monday, August 18, 2014

Elder Pearson Special Visit

Hi, Mom and Dad.

Thanks for your emails.

Hey Dad, howd the hike go!? How is Eulalia, and how is Macey?

This morning I caught some shad. little bait fish thingys. Elder Clark caught a pretty blue fish on the rod & reel I bought, and it works pretty well. I will keep you up to date :) I sent a pic or two. Fun fishing, even if theyre lie :)

Things are going OK.  Dad, you're right about growing pains.  I love you Mom! Thank you for praying for me, and for always being nice.

We are not teaching too much, but about 15 lessons per week. Not too bad for my ward actually.fifteen is actualy pretty good :)

Hunter's doing good. He just got a new companion. He teaches a LOT of old people :P

Mom, Sorry about the knees. :\   I wont worry (TOO much), but I will ALWAYS pray for you. How are you doing!? Mawwage preparations! Crazy :P I am happy for Cherise

That is good to hear about C and B. I'm not supprised that they are super prepared. I just hope that all goes well. I love Cherise, and am so glad they are getting married.

Yeah, the order is Elder Pearson seventy, Elder Tehuatonga (other guy), me, and President Bize

I actually got to talk to E Pearson during his visit. It was super special. He pulled my up to him, and gave me some awesome counsel. It was way cool, he'd never spoke to me before, nor does he know me, but he knew how I am, and gave good advice. It was just special. That whole day was amazing :)

I will see you in less than a year :) That sounds good. It sounds weird too :P\

Thanks again for everything Mom and Dad. I love you tons. Thanks for the prayers and the mail tooo. Have a good week!!

Bait-Fishy Thingies from This Morning
Elder Pearson of the Seventy, Elder Tehuatonga (random other missionary), me, and President Bize

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