Monday, August 11, 2014

Half Way For Sure

Hi everyone! Sorry for early emails this week. :/ Thanks for your replies and emails! Dad, that is a cool fish :) Mom, I hope girls camp went well, and I hope you are recovering nicely.

This week, I got to go to the temple! We went Thursday. President said we can go like once every two or three months, and I am really stoked about that. With Pres Sinjoux it was like 2 or 3 times a mission :P I really felt the Spirit in the temple, and I almost fell asleep a few times. It was the most calm and most stress free I've felt in a long while, and I wasn't nervous in the temple. When the session was over I was the last into the Celestial room, and it was neat being at the veil alone. It felt a lot more personal, and it was sooo quiet. I love the temple. After my mission, I want to make going a priority.

This week's been good as far as teaching goes. We taught sixteen lessons with a member present, and two others. Super achievement for this ward :) President mentioned our stats in the weekly letter to the mission.  I really like him, and I trust him. He is sometimes ALL business, and I think some missionaries miss Pres Sinjoux, and his gentle, slow approach, but I really thing Pres Bize is what the mission needs right now. He is  just awesome. He released all the Sister Training Leaders who don't write him a weekly letter, and made all the other missionaries who didn't write before the transfer him junior comps :P He is also all about rewarding missionaries. The old ZLs and APs will be those going to the islands, and he treats that as the biggest reward. Everyone wants to go to the islands :P The Marquesas are kinda like our Goose Bay.

Friday Elder Pearson will come and do a mission conference with us! Unexpected surprise, but a welcome one! I love hearing him talk, and I look forward to his counsel. He is direct too. It should be good.

Today I think I'll buy a fishing rod. We shall see though. I think Ill take a nap too. I love P-day.

Thanks for all your love. Thanks for the mail too! I haven't gotten the pants yet, but I hope I will when were in ville for the conference. Thanks in advance, again :) I love you guys, and I wish I could see you. I will in less than a year. That's weird... My certificate expires the 10th Aug 2015, so I know I'm past half way now. yikes. Try not to think about that. I had some missionary friends go home this last week. Just weird.

I love you all. Thank you for your prayers. Have a good week!


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