Monday, August 25, 2014

Watched Pro Surfers for P-Day

Hey! I have less than ten min, so here goes!

Today we went to Billabong Pro.... yup. Got permission from President, and got to go see it on boat.... AWESOME :P Still shocked President allowed it, but we were safe and I wore a life vest. I took mostly videos, so I will save showing you pro surfers for when I'm back. We just got back, and have an FHE very soon, so I just thought I'd send a small email, and let you know I'm alive, and doing my best! I am OK.

This week went pretty well, and we taught a ton 20 lessons. It was better than average, and President told me there will be a transfer soon, probably in a week or so.

Today was an adventure. Thanks tons for the emails. Sorry I have like no time to respond, or write a big letter. Just know I'm OK!

Have a good week!

Love you!


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