Monday, October 27, 2014

This Week Was a Great Week

This week was a great week.

Monday and Tuesday, like I said last week, were with Elder Nielsen; and Wednesday we got to have lots of time in our sector.

Thursday and Friday were filled with office tasks, and lessons, and a nice meeting with President. We have had some awesome miracles this week, and have had a lot of investigators changing. Two marriages fixed in this last week, and three or four baptisms. Woohoo!

Saturday, we got up to take an Elder to the doctors (he's been stuffed up for a while now) and we went with the senior couple Warner. Sister Warner takes care of the health in the mission, and Elder Warner is in charge of the visitors center here. It was really fun to be with them, and they surprised me and took us to get pizza at a place in Papeete :D  I told pretty much no-one that it was my b-day, but lots of missionaries found out anyways :P

The Warners are like foster Grandparents, and talking with them reminded me of you, and was a special birthday treat. Saturday night we had TACOs! A family here made them (it is like the LEAST likely thing to find in Polynesia) without knowing it was my B-Day; that was a special treat too! In all it was just a fun, happy B-day, and I really enjoyed it. We had some good lessons too!

Sunday, we had a fireside concert with songs and a little program all about the plan of salvation. A lot of people (non-members and members) came, and I really loved the songs. Not all of them were hymns, and it was just nice and well done.

I am getting a headache, I've been looking at the screen for a while, and I think I will send you some pictures in stead of typing too much more. I'm having a rough time typing, but don't worry about me, I am fine. Sorry if today's email is a bit short

This morning we played Beach soccer! It was loads of fun, and the whole zone came. We even got the couple Teinauri to come (senior proselyting couple from here). I'll send a pic or two from that.

Thanks for all your support and love! I love you guys sooo much! Thanks for being my family, and for praying for me, for supporting me, and for helping me. I had a great week, and I have only 9 months left. :/ It has been flying by, and I am just so happy to be here. I hope I am doing all I can, and that my best is good enough.

HAVE a good week!
I love you all!

Zone activity :D

Our new convert and his son. Great people :D

Cranes at the huge Papeete marina. It is really cool (I feel like a little boy looking at them).

The Evansons, a couple who just came here to work a 6 month temple mission. He (Elder Evanson) has been a mission president, a temple pres, couples mission in the CONGO, and lots of other cool service opportunities. Should be a great help to the temple. We got to meet them Saturday.

A photo of a ferry to Moorea (80X zoom :P)

B-day cupcakes for our monthly zone reunion (Sr Naylor and Martin made them. They are our STLs, and Sr Naylor was in my district au MTC) It was Sr Kuhn's b-day, sr Tetua's b-day, and mine in the same week.

Beach Soccer :D

A Picture of Today.  LOVELY park.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Elder Nielsen Visit

This has been an adventure!

Thanks for the patience on the day late emails... :P It was for good reason though! We have been with Elder Nielsen, and have had so many amazing opportunities this week.

Friday, we met Elder Nielsen, and that morning we took him and President, and their wives to a small press conference. There were two reporters, and the church public affairs group, so it was pretty simple. It was in the stake center next to our house ( in the same parking lot) and I was really impressed by Elder Nielsen's humility, but respectful boldness. He is a big guy, and makes quite an impression next to the shorter Polynesian people. During the simple conference he had E Taylor and I answer a few questions (O_O) It was fun.

Then, this weekend, he went to the island of Tubuai, and got back Sunday. Sunday night we were with him, and some missionaries that finish, and the couples missionaries. He had a Q&A session with all present, and it was SO COOL to hear his testimony, and to hear his amazing experiences with the Prophet, and the other brethren. His testimony is very powerful.

Then, Monday, we had some conferences. A big, multi-zone conference the morning, and then in the evening we had a FHE/Leadership counsel (with all the ZL's and DL's, and STL's). I conducted that meeting (nervous...) and it went pretty well. Elder Taylor was really nice, and knowing it was my first conducting (like ever) he ran me through everything and helped me get ready. I am lucky to have a good companion like him :D

After that meeting, Elder Taylor and I got to eat with E Nielsen. A lovely French soup, with bread and salad. It was a really good, simple meal, and during the meal we discussed with elder Nielsen, about the mission, and how things are going. It was cool, and I was really impressed by how much he listens, and values the opinions of others. He's not here to lecture, or to read us the rules, but to listen to us and to give us direct help, and teach according to the needs of the missionaries. He is a very good leader. It was awesome.

Today, we had a second multi-zone conf (with the other half of the missionaries here on the main island). I got to see a lot of my buddies, like Elder Squiers, Elder Millett, Elder White, and some other missionaries you don't know. I was fun, and the trainings were good a second time over. I felt lucky being in two times the meetings with him, and getting to hear the differences in the meetings as he followed the Spirit to adjust the teachings. Same with Sister Wendy. She is really nice too, and has the funnest attitude. She teaches well too.

That's what the weekend has been like. I forgot that the beginning of this week we did a major transfer... Feels like that ways a WHILE ago. Things go really fast, but looking back we have been getting more done in days, than I probably would have expected in a weeks. Elder Taylor is someone who ACTS, and doesn't quit or run outta gas. It has been a nice chance to serve with him. Driving the Toyota Hiace has been an other adventure too. Skinny little Tahiti roads, and the awkward van. Its fun though :P

I'm gonna send some pictures.
Me, Elder Welegtabit from Vanuatu and Elder Peterson. They are awesome people. Elder W's first time at McD's..... :D

Taken last night. Elder Nielsen is a big man, and I am actually about as tall as him, it's just that his shoulder is over mine, took the top arm. Either way, he is a spiritual giant. Such a cool chance I have had.
Anyways, that is about it for this week. I know that the church is true, and I am thrilled to be here and to know I am where the Lord wants me to be. I really have been thinking more and more about that, and about how lucky we as missionaries are, to have that assurance. I need to stick with the Holy Ghost after my mission, and always try and be where and what the Lord wants me to be. I am just happy knowing that the Lord wants me as a missionary in Tahiti, right now. I find great satisfaction, and happiness in that. As I look back on the different parts of my mission so far, I am just THRILLED to be here.

Again, I love you!

Have a good week!


Monday, October 13, 2014

Photo Essay

Gonna send some photos first to describe today, and this week, then write more after photos.

Elder Petis's group from the MTC, left today. They served their two years, and so we had their release meeting at the mission home today. I am so happy that Elder Petis will always be a good friend. A very nice man!

Today, I HAD TACOS!!! Sister Clawson made the Tacos, and real home-made enchiladas.... SOOOO goood. First real Mexican food in a while :P

A Deacon in our ward.

This weekend we had a baptism! Shout hooray! (to the tune of you've had a Birthday, hehehehe)
Actually we had 3.... coolest service I've ever seen! 
The young man is L___, the old one is the man who got married and his wife was baptized a few weeks ago, and the middle aged one is V___. He is an awesome guy too. They have all changed tons, and I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! The service was really powerful, with three baptisms, the Papeete region (all of Tahiti's) LDS choir, and President and Sr. Bize

Also this Saturday, we had a YM YW missionary day! We did surveys (door to door survey approaches) withe the young men, and the sisters did with the young women. It was awesome. We got about 50 names, and 30 people accepted to receive a visit. It was pretty awesome. Fun to go on a split with a deacon and the YM President (he is the one right next to me)

During the week this week, we showed President the houses of missionaries all over the island, We had hamburgers and fries a few time this week.

The burgers were at a place called Beach Burger. Elder Clark and I drove by it all the time, thinking how cool it'd be to stop there. We went with President, and it wasn't that bad, but the burger was cooked on the grill with fish i think, Makes for an interesting after taste.

There's the Photo essay of this week.

Things went well. I am doing well, and I am happy to be a missionary. I'm still learning what it's like to be a missionary, and I am still making mistakes, and progress. In doing the work I am finding joy.

This week we spent lots of time with President. I really look up to him and Sister Bize. Fun people, who are strong strong strong, in the Gospel.

This week for my studies, I read the whole book of Philippians. Super good book, letter by the Apostle Paul. The more I read the epistles, the more I feel the value of my covenants. Not sure if that makes a lot of sense, but it does for me. There's a talk by D Todd Christofferson, which I'm gonna study some more this week called the Power of Covenants ( ) When I read the epistles, I think of the quote in his talk "Make you covenants paramount''. For these apostles, their covenants were paramount, BUT I am convinced that the importance of covenants was de-highlighted by the translations of the Bible. It doesn't come straight out, but in reading the New Testament, several times I have felt this. I am soo happy to have made holy covenants, and feel the same confidence as the apostles who said they were soldiers for Christ (2 Tim 2:3) I really love the book of Philippians.

We'll that is about all for this week.

I love you my family!!!


PS, thanks for the mail, and all the support, I LOVE YOU ALL!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Nothing Is Better Than This Mission Right Now


This week was a good week.

This week, we finished all our zone conferences, woohoo! Now we can be in the sector a bit more, and we have the time to prepare for the transfers here in the mission. We've been working with President on them, but have not yet finished. It's a lot different, seeing how it happens, and seeing to what extent that President really knows ALL the missionaries, and is doing his very best to understand where they should go, and who they can become, It is a pretty cool process, and I just feel lucky to participate.

Monday, we had an awesome experience going to the hospital, and giving some blessings. Elder Taylor and I took elder Jessop, and elder Tumarae (Papeete's ZLs, who live with us), to the hospital so we could give several blessings. I took elder Tumarae, and we had just a name to go visit; it was someone from Sister Naylor's old ward in Raiataia, and she told us that he'd come to the hospital, but had no idea where he was at, or in what state. We showed up to the front desk hoping to find the receptionist, but it turns out they leave at like 5. So elder Tumarae and I poked arround the hospital a bit  looking for a receptionist or nurse, and eventually wound up talking to a nurse who took us to his room. We were 'lucky' (blessed by the spirit) enough to have found the guy, and then he was super touched by the blessing. It was a really cool experience for me, that the spirit took us to him, and that he wanted the blessing badly. He'd received a large operation, and had lots of recuperation to do.

Tuesday was mostly spent in the office, and prepping for the transfers. Wednesday and Thursday were the final two zone conferences. They went well, and our formation ( I think one says Training in english) was well received. We had talked about the sacred nature of our call, we made copies of everyone's call letter then cited it as scripture. It was a good formation, and it helped me and elder Taylor at least, remember our calls.

Friday we had lessons, and our weekly zone meeting. It was a great day, and we had a marriage of two of our new converts. They separated before their baptisms yeah, SEPARATED (instead of married), and then prepared to be married, responsible people. It was cool, because they are much happier now, and they really showed their level of conversion and faith in obeying the laws and sincerely repenting, not just marring so they could be baptized. Any ways, it was a great marriage, and they looked really happy. Made me think of Cherise! Getting SEALED! so cool!

Saturday and Sunday, general conference was AWESOME! It is pretty much like Christmas for missionaries. Seriously though, we were all stoked, and seeing it in English was nice too. I got a cold I think, and have been stuffy, and a bit groggy since the Sunday morning session, but I shall be fine.
During conference I felt the spirit very strongly, and just realized more and more how happy I am to be a missionary, and a member of the church. I know the church is true, and am a happy, member!

We got to watch Priesthood with President Bize. We took him to our stake center so he could see it (net crashed at his house), and afterwards we ate with him and Sister Bize. It has been fun to get to know them, and learn from and love them and their examples. They are such very nice people.

So, that is one charged day to day report of the week. :P I am tired after our fun zone activity today, but happy to write you guys! I love you all so very much and I cant wait to see you again, but I know I will. Its now been 1 year in Tahiti (as of tomorrow.... yikes) and on the 24th, I will have been out for 15 months. I think you have no idea how fast things are going. I can not believe this. I am happy to be here, and the more settled in I feel, or the more used to missionary work I get, the faster it happens. I am just happy to serve, and I hope that meaningful, and lasting fruits will come from our labors. I feel so very blessed, and can not imagine a better thing to do. Even though hunting or fishing or disc golf or dirt biking sounds sooo fun, I realize that NOTHING is better than this mission right now. I am exactly where heavenly Father wants me right now, and I have the assurance that if I do my best, I am in the green. If I put in my all, no matter how much or little my all equals, I will come out on top, and beyond that, Heavenly Father will bless you guys, and me, and people in Tahiti. This really is just the coolest thing, ever. I feel so lucky, and so blessed. I am very happy, and doing well. Again, I love you SOOO MUCH, and I think of you, and pray for you all daily. Thanks for the mail and prayers too :D

Have a good week, and thanks for everything. I love you!


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Letter from the Mission Office

[Dated August 18, Received October 4]

August 18, 2014

Dear Brother and Sister Larsen;

It was our pleasure to have recently been introduced to Elder Larsen. We are happy to be here in the Tahiti Papeete Mission with your missionary and look forward to serving with him in hastening the work of the Savior in this part of the world. The experiences that your son will have while serving here in Tahiti will bless him throughout the rest of his life and we are grateful to be a part of this work. Please be assured that we will love him as though he were our own. May the Lord bless you and your family in the support of your son.

We have enclosed a photo that was taken at our first meeting with the missionaries.

President Pierre Francois
Bize Sister Brigitte Bize
Tahiti Papeete Mission