Monday, October 27, 2014

This Week Was a Great Week

This week was a great week.

Monday and Tuesday, like I said last week, were with Elder Nielsen; and Wednesday we got to have lots of time in our sector.

Thursday and Friday were filled with office tasks, and lessons, and a nice meeting with President. We have had some awesome miracles this week, and have had a lot of investigators changing. Two marriages fixed in this last week, and three or four baptisms. Woohoo!

Saturday, we got up to take an Elder to the doctors (he's been stuffed up for a while now) and we went with the senior couple Warner. Sister Warner takes care of the health in the mission, and Elder Warner is in charge of the visitors center here. It was really fun to be with them, and they surprised me and took us to get pizza at a place in Papeete :D  I told pretty much no-one that it was my b-day, but lots of missionaries found out anyways :P

The Warners are like foster Grandparents, and talking with them reminded me of you, and was a special birthday treat. Saturday night we had TACOs! A family here made them (it is like the LEAST likely thing to find in Polynesia) without knowing it was my B-Day; that was a special treat too! In all it was just a fun, happy B-day, and I really enjoyed it. We had some good lessons too!

Sunday, we had a fireside concert with songs and a little program all about the plan of salvation. A lot of people (non-members and members) came, and I really loved the songs. Not all of them were hymns, and it was just nice and well done.

I am getting a headache, I've been looking at the screen for a while, and I think I will send you some pictures in stead of typing too much more. I'm having a rough time typing, but don't worry about me, I am fine. Sorry if today's email is a bit short

This morning we played Beach soccer! It was loads of fun, and the whole zone came. We even got the couple Teinauri to come (senior proselyting couple from here). I'll send a pic or two from that.

Thanks for all your support and love! I love you guys sooo much! Thanks for being my family, and for praying for me, for supporting me, and for helping me. I had a great week, and I have only 9 months left. :/ It has been flying by, and I am just so happy to be here. I hope I am doing all I can, and that my best is good enough.

HAVE a good week!
I love you all!

Zone activity :D

Our new convert and his son. Great people :D

Cranes at the huge Papeete marina. It is really cool (I feel like a little boy looking at them).

The Evansons, a couple who just came here to work a 6 month temple mission. He (Elder Evanson) has been a mission president, a temple pres, couples mission in the CONGO, and lots of other cool service opportunities. Should be a great help to the temple. We got to meet them Saturday.

A photo of a ferry to Moorea (80X zoom :P)

B-day cupcakes for our monthly zone reunion (Sr Naylor and Martin made them. They are our STLs, and Sr Naylor was in my district au MTC) It was Sr Kuhn's b-day, sr Tetua's b-day, and mine in the same week.

Beach Soccer :D

A Picture of Today.  LOVELY park.

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