Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Elder Nielsen Visit

This has been an adventure!

Thanks for the patience on the day late emails... :P It was for good reason though! We have been with Elder Nielsen, and have had so many amazing opportunities this week.

Friday, we met Elder Nielsen, and that morning we took him and President, and their wives to a small press conference. There were two reporters, and the church public affairs group, so it was pretty simple. It was in the stake center next to our house ( in the same parking lot) and I was really impressed by Elder Nielsen's humility, but respectful boldness. He is a big guy, and makes quite an impression next to the shorter Polynesian people. During the simple conference he had E Taylor and I answer a few questions (O_O) It was fun.

Then, this weekend, he went to the island of Tubuai, and got back Sunday. Sunday night we were with him, and some missionaries that finish, and the couples missionaries. He had a Q&A session with all present, and it was SO COOL to hear his testimony, and to hear his amazing experiences with the Prophet, and the other brethren. His testimony is very powerful.

Then, Monday, we had some conferences. A big, multi-zone conference the morning, and then in the evening we had a FHE/Leadership counsel (with all the ZL's and DL's, and STL's). I conducted that meeting (nervous...) and it went pretty well. Elder Taylor was really nice, and knowing it was my first conducting (like ever) he ran me through everything and helped me get ready. I am lucky to have a good companion like him :D

After that meeting, Elder Taylor and I got to eat with E Nielsen. A lovely French soup, with bread and salad. It was a really good, simple meal, and during the meal we discussed with elder Nielsen, about the mission, and how things are going. It was cool, and I was really impressed by how much he listens, and values the opinions of others. He's not here to lecture, or to read us the rules, but to listen to us and to give us direct help, and teach according to the needs of the missionaries. He is a very good leader. It was awesome.

Today, we had a second multi-zone conf (with the other half of the missionaries here on the main island). I got to see a lot of my buddies, like Elder Squiers, Elder Millett, Elder White, and some other missionaries you don't know. I was fun, and the trainings were good a second time over. I felt lucky being in two times the meetings with him, and getting to hear the differences in the meetings as he followed the Spirit to adjust the teachings. Same with Sister Wendy. She is really nice too, and has the funnest attitude. She teaches well too.

That's what the weekend has been like. I forgot that the beginning of this week we did a major transfer... Feels like that ways a WHILE ago. Things go really fast, but looking back we have been getting more done in days, than I probably would have expected in a weeks. Elder Taylor is someone who ACTS, and doesn't quit or run outta gas. It has been a nice chance to serve with him. Driving the Toyota Hiace has been an other adventure too. Skinny little Tahiti roads, and the awkward van. Its fun though :P

I'm gonna send some pictures.
Me, Elder Welegtabit from Vanuatu and Elder Peterson. They are awesome people. Elder W's first time at McD's..... :D

Taken last night. Elder Nielsen is a big man, and I am actually about as tall as him, it's just that his shoulder is over mine, took the top arm. Either way, he is a spiritual giant. Such a cool chance I have had.
Anyways, that is about it for this week. I know that the church is true, and I am thrilled to be here and to know I am where the Lord wants me to be. I really have been thinking more and more about that, and about how lucky we as missionaries are, to have that assurance. I need to stick with the Holy Ghost after my mission, and always try and be where and what the Lord wants me to be. I am just happy knowing that the Lord wants me as a missionary in Tahiti, right now. I find great satisfaction, and happiness in that. As I look back on the different parts of my mission so far, I am just THRILLED to be here.

Again, I love you!

Have a good week!


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