Monday, July 21, 2014

You Gotta Try to Eat Sashimi!

Thanks for the email Dad! Good to hear about hiking and travels and Cherise's engagement from her too! So cool :)

Cool action figure too :D hehe. Brother so and so is probably making lots of action figures, hehehe

This week was OK. Thanks for the advice and the love. I really need the prayers.

I don't have lots of writing time, and I have to email a big letter to Pres. Bize.  I LOVE YOU! I pray for you guys.  Sorry for short email. I'm doing OK, and and sending a letter this week too. Went fishing :) Sending report in mail :)

Also, good recuperation for mom! Sorry mom! I know things will be OK. I sure hope this will be the last surgery for a while.

Thanks for the love. I love you. Really do.

Good luck in Japan, Dad. OH! You gotta try to eat SASHIMI! It is sooo good. It might make you a little ill if you eat a lot the first time though. I really recommend it with soy sauce, or mustard sashimi sauce. If you don't eat it, I don't blame you though. really took me a minute to try it. Raw.... just raw... tuna is so good raw :)



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