Monday, July 14, 2014


This week has been interesting. Thank you for the prayers. I need them.

This week, I got to see Hitiaa. it is a HUGE sector, and a small ward, as in not a lot of people. It's super pretty here too. The people here are cool, and have a laid back mentality. I just hope that we can get some more work done. We were at the house a lot this week, because ET is sick. I think he's over it. If not, we're still not gonna go to the house :\  I am doing OK, I just need your prayers to help us become efficient, and please pray to help us find the people I need to find.

Luckily I am with Elder Clark and LeeChipSao. LCS is from my first sector, and I know his family REALLY well. His cousin is the one who worked with me and E Clark in Vairaoo while waiting for his visa. Its nice to have them there. Things will be OK.

Whilst at the house, I read almost all of Our Heritage, in French. OK mom, you were right. Its good, and I should have brought it :P I got a copy from the distribution center, and I really have appreciated reading it. The stories in it are awesome, and make me remember that I have it lucky. I really am proud to be a member, and I am so happy that I am. I love you all, and I miss you, but I know things will work out. I am doing my best, and I need to make my best better.

Thanks for your prayers and love. I love you too, and I will try and write more next week. I'm doing OK. I love you!!!

Oh, and I got some letters! Thanks :)

Love you!


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  1. This is Elder Ball's mom. He really enjoyed working with Elder Larsen. We wish E Larsen the best and he will be in our prayers as well in his new assignment.