Monday, September 15, 2014

This Week Has Been EXCELLENT!

This week has been (Bill and Ted voice) EXCELLENT!

Things ended very well with Elder Teihotu. We had a good last day on Tuesday, then I got picked up Tuesday night. BIG CHANGE Things are very very very busy. This is GREAT!

Wednesday we did the 2nd half of the transfers; moving bags, and elders, and bikes for all day, plus a 2hr meeting with president. The next day we had more meetings, and less and less time in our sector. Dad, you were right; more time with president in one week than the rest of my mission. This whole week has flown by, and I am very happy to be busy. This is just going to be a fun, but demanding assignment. I am thrilled. Happy to have the chance to learn, and to serve!

SOOOOOO Happy to hear about Cherise going to the temple and Zephne having a GIRL!!!!! WOOOHOOO! Happy and stoked for all of you! Way to go! I can't wait to see you all again, but thanks Zeph and James for the awesome photos :D Just awesome. Cherise, CONGRATS!!! I love the temple more and more each time I get to go, and it is like the FASTEST relief for stress, or worry. I walk in, and its like everything else goes on pause, or silent mode. Temptations, work, problems, just CLEAN and CLEAR in the temple. I am so happy you went, and equally thrilled for you and Brandon going to be SEALED! Just Awesome :)

Also cool to hear about world travels! I got Dad's letter from a few weeks ago, from being in Hong Kong. I thought that was the funniest food, and loved the rain-wet selfie :)  I hope you and Mom get to go in some temples during your travels. So cool! I really am excited and happy for all of you! I think you people are the coolest :)

Last night I ate tuna or bonnet tartare! SOOOOOO GOOOD! its like salsa, BUT with fish instead of guacamole. It would be great on tortilla chips. Raw fish is really growing on me. :D Being back in the thick of the city is awesome. We are spoiled here and eat really well. I am doing good health wise, still at like 83 kilos (to stay, I hope :P) and doing good.

So, my companion Elder Taylor is really cool! He is one of the nicest people I have ever served with, and I feel the Spirit SO often as he teaches. Very very very lucky to serve with and learn from him. I'm sending some pics. One should be me and him last night  (LATE, finishing the week's report hooray!), and another is me and elder Tau at like 4h00 in the airport ( yeah that's early). He's the elder I am come to replace, or rather, take over for. Can't replace people. He is such a good guy, and I've looked up to him too.

SOOO, this is this week pretty much in a nutshell. I am happy, tired, full, and excited. Good to hear from you. I love you and miss you all, but I shall see you soon enough, right? Have a good week, and hurrah for Israel!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, my sector is RIGHT NEXT TO THE TEMPLE!! I see it every day. Our chapel is the temple chapel. Ward of Fautaua, stake Papeete. The ward is up in the valey above the temple, easy to see on google maps. Small sector, FULL of people.



Oh, and I forgot, vite fait, my IDL (international driving license) shall expire soon. If you could send me the new one soon, that would be shweet!

Oh and PS, Joseph is done this week right!? Good luck Joseph!

Elder Larsen and Elder Taylor Finish the Weekly Report
Elder Larsen and Elder Tau
Visitors Center Mural

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