Monday, September 22, 2014

I'll Always Be a Missionary.


BELGIUM! So cool! I am happy to hear that you are doing well :) Happy you found some ribs and chocolate mousse too ;) I'd love to see other French speaking places some day, but for the moment, Tahiti is pretty much awesome :)

Today we played soccer with a group of kids and investigators in our sector, and helped an RM teach his seminary class (our friend Elder Tumare, who was an assistant when I started) Fun to see him again, and to see him as a member, and not a missionary (Kronk voice : Weird....) Its weird thinking that I'm more than half way now, 14 months on Wednesday. I don't wanna think about that though. I'll always be a missionary. Thinking about after mission is just odd, and seems silly :P I forget that I didn't used to be a missionary. Either way, I'm happy to be here :D

Thanks for the President Monson fishin' pic dad :D I'd really love to meet him, but I know that he is one busy dude. I have complete confidence in him, and I'm happy he is our prophet. Fun to see him as a dad, and fishin' dude too :)

I'm happy you see the Church outside of the US too. It has been a treat for me to see that it's true, and that it's just as true in English, or French, or Tahitian, or Flemish, or any other language. I am so happy to be in the Church!

Side note!

This Saturday we got to go to do baptisms for the dead with our new converts! It was awesome. I took a Tahiti [Temple] selfie photo for you Dad, to match your HK one :P After that, we had our baptism and marriage service (woohoo!) This week was full of Zone conferences. Elder Taylor and I have been giving training talks about our missionary call letter. Its been really fun, and a good chance to see all the missionaries zone by zone. Its been soo crazy hectic the past week, running back and forth, and getting stuff ready for the conferences, but it is soo fun too. I really love being a missionary, and I am happy to be here, and lucky to be with Elder Taylor.  He is a fun guy.

I'm sending some pictures this week. Sorry for the shorty letter. Just know that I am happy and doing well here. Thanks for the prayers, and for all your love and support. I am sooo blessed to have you as my family. I love you all soo much!!!!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, my sector is RIGHT NEXT TO THE TEMPLE!! I see it every day. Our chapel is the temple chapel. Ward of Fautaua, stake Papeete. The ward is up in the valley above the temple, easy to see on google maps. Small sector, FULL of people.

HAVE A GOOD WEEK MY FAMILY! Travel safe too!


At the Temple with New Members
Tahiti Temple Selfie
With Elders Demuick and Calves.  They got stuck in LA on their way home to France, but they are home now.
Zone Conference at Arue

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