Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekly Update with Q & A

This week went well. We did lots of splits, and I got to got to Tautira with Elder Randall for a day. He is my buddy still. We were at the MTC together, and we get along great. I really love his teaching too! This week he and I were on the radio. Had fun, and read Heb 11 for all the presqe 'isle.

This P-Day we had fun fishing at Tautira, and shopping at Carrefour. I found Mentos there!!! Didn't catch any fish. We're still working out the system. I actually used a Mitchell rod, too. Its like 10 feet long and telescopes. No dice, yet.....

This week I had great studies too. I felt the spirit, and am getting better at recognizing it and how it pushes me. If I do my best to do a 100 percent study, I know that at least one thing I found or felt in study will be used during a lesson. I've had lots of crucial points come thanks to what I studied.

So we had our last missionary concert this Sunday... bummer. Oh how I love the hymns! I am making a list of which ones I like better in French than English, and I just figured out how to use the meter, and song names in the hymn book. Every time I forget which hymn it is I can find it by the hymns similar to it. I really love the hymns. Our concert ended PERFECTLY as we sung The Spirit of God. I think all the missionaries will get a recording from this one. I hope so! If not, at least I got the tie :)

General conference has become like my favorite thing to study now, outside of PMG and the scriptures. It is like one or two talks are written for me when I listen to them, then ALL of them are written for me when I go and read them.

I think my favorite talks were the Bednar one about the truck and the load, and Elder Packer's. I can't wait to get my Liahona (in a month or so... hehehe)

How are you guys!? Good to hear about the boat and taking family fishing.

Q & A

What do you weigh?
Weigh 86 kilos, thats like 191 pounds (been that way for about 3 months now). 

How much is gas?
Gas IS SOOO SPENDY, its like 7.50 per gallon.

Did you get my letter about Pres Bize yet?
Got the Bize letter and LOVED it, excited to meet that guy. 

Should we switch over to only e-mail or is the current system best (e-mail and snail mail both)?
I love the both, but its up to you. The letters are nice surprises when they come. Sorry about the lack of sent mail. :P I have one to send, think it will be sent in a day. 

Been fishin' again?
Went fishing today. 

Do you go to the mission office for mission council meeting 1/month?

How do you get practice to speak Tahitian?
Talk with old people.

Has filming started yet?
Missed filming actually, mild bummer. I was fine with it but some other Elders in my zone were a bit sad. Those they had chosen from our zone didn't go because its pretty far away. Excited to see the result though!

Do you still dream in French? Tahitian now?
Still in french, but not yet in Tahitian. 

Can you drive stick ok now? 
Yea, sticks ok. I did some all day driving, but the thing i dont like is the ity bitty roads here. The truck is smaller than or about the same as the malibu, but on these roads its huge, :)

I am so happy to have you guys as family. I miss you, but I am happy to be here. Thanks for the letters too! All the mails helps tons.

Short big letter today, but thanks for the [Q&A]. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Elder Larsen
Me and Elder Randall Today

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