Monday, February 23, 2015

Hello Everybody! A REAL P-DAY!


This week was CRAZY fast, and has been a rush. Now it is over, and I have had the best, most relaxing P-day ever! I had a CarreFour Panini and some Orange Fanta for lunch. What more could I ask for? :D

Real Pday is the best :D Got a haircut too! A professional one too, though my hair is a little dolphin dewish  (but the sister that cut it is a member, and gave us cuts for free. so nice)

We ate with the Jones couple last night. GOOD FOOD, and great people.

Thanks for the emails this week!

This week we taught 10 lessons and did a whole bunch of transfer related stuff. We did the tour of the island about 3 times, went to the airport at least 6 times, and I had to say good bye to Elder White... :( That was a sad day. I will miss serving with him, and I loved the time we had as companions. He is really a gentle nice guy, and I hope that he makes Rangiroa go on fire! He will do well, and he will always be a friend. Had a Spock/Captain Kirk moment in the Airport (picture attached). 'You have been, and always shall be, my friend.'

My new companion, Elder Lee Chip Sao, is really a nice, gentle guy as well. He is from Hawaii, lived in the Philippines, and grew up mostly here. He is from my First ward (Heiri!) and I know his whole family pretty well. I dropped Elder White off at the Airport, and then picked Elder Lee Chip Sao up as I dropped all the old returning missionaries home. 

The next day, Thursday was our big Leadership council. I had just gotten over being SICK, and I was still a bit ( a lot ) groggy. It actually went very well though, and I felt the Holy Ghost help me as I taught with Elder Lee Chip Sao. I am glad that the big meetings are over this month, and now we can do some good work in our ward.

I am doing well, and I am happy to be a missionary!

So, these are my thoughts. This week. Sorry again for the lack of letter last week. I just hope that you guys know that I am doing alright, and that I am happy to be here. I miss you! (don't tell anyone) and I love you! I really am excited to one day be able to see you all, and Baby Hannah too :D Should be a fun day. Just gotta keep working for it!

Have a good week!

Elder Lee Chip Sao

The Mission Van

Me With Some Friends

Me With Elder White

Me With Elder Sandstrom (who finished)
He's been a good friend.

Elder LCS

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