Monday, February 9, 2015

This Week Has Been a Good One

This e-mail has been typed on a French Keyboard, with the English input settings. Being in the office has helped my no-look typing abilities ;D  (That smiley face isn't supposed to be winking, I  just forgot which key does the colon.)

This week has been a good one. We've had a lot of things going on, with preparations for the upcoming transfer, and with the missionaries getting ready to go home. It will be weird to say goodbye, and then it gets even weirder thinking that I only have six months left on my mission. Yikes.

Thanks for the e-mails! Dad, I think it is pretty cool that you got to see Steve Young, front row and all, even though it wasn't for a football game :P 

Mom, thanks for the e-mail as well. I am doing well, and I am glad to hear about my cousins getting married. It seems so weird thinking about that, but I am happy for them, and I hope that all goes well. 

[This paragraph originally omitted] This week, we did some good lessons, and we had several meetings with President Bize. It looks like I will stay in the office for a while longer, and Elder White will be going to another sector shortly. Elder White and I were a little sad, because of how much fun we have had serving together, but I am happy for him, and I know that the new transfer will just be another chance to learn. I don't know who my next companion will be, or when exactly things will change, but things will work out. I have really enjoyed being with elder White, and I hope to make the best of the remaining time we have as companions. 

This week we also welcomed a new missionary couple to the mission, Elder and Sister Jones, from the UK. The are very gentle people, and I am happy to know them. They are very intelligent, and I think that they will be a big help to the mission. It is amazing how the Lord prepares people to come here, and at the same time, it is amazing how the Lord is preparing people to be taught. Elder and Sister Jones will be helping us in the visitors center, and will be working with President to help youth in the islands. 

This week, Elder White and I had some neat experiences, and looking back, I was happy that Heavenly Father helped us use all our time. We had some lessons fall through Wednesday, I think, and as we began calling our investigator who we'd gone to visit, we met a less active member who was just passing by. We said hi, and got to know him, and it was a good opportunity to fulfill our missionary purpose, even though the lesson had been cancelled. I was happy to meet this man, and I hope that his faith stays strong, and that he will have joy. Even if our little talk was simple, and short, I hope that we gave him an occasion to augment his faith. The sad thing about visiting less practicing members, is that they are often 'less active' because of the actions of another. Elder Bednar's talk "And nothing shall offend them" is an awesome explication of why many people leave their faith, and an encouragement for us as disciples, to go and help them. We should do our best to be good friends, and neighbors, and we should all chose for ourselves to not be offended. A cool talk.

These are my thoughts for today. Again, sorry if they are scrambled or short. I am doing well. I am learning more about myself here, and I am learning about how important it is to help others. I am happy to be a missionary, and I hope to become a more effective one. I love you all. Thanks for being such a good family. I miss you, but I am doing OK. I am a little tired today, but thank goodness that it's a P-day. I just hope that I will do my best, and that my best will be good enough this week.

Have a good week, and know that I love you all! Thanks for all your support, and love, and prayers.


Oh, and sorry, I didn't take many pictures this week. I'll send some next week!

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