Monday, March 16, 2015

This Week Has Been a Rush

Hello everyone! Thanks for the e-mails! 

This has been a slower P-day. We set up for the Meet the Mormons movie, and we came back so we could write home :D my companion is studying up on his driving code, so he might be able to pass his permit here. It'd be nice if he were driving. I've been off and on the computer, and I am gonna pound out an e-mail now, so that I don't forget, and so that you might read it before it's too late. We're gonna go visit some less active members shortly, and I am excited.

Writing this e-mail is a nice break. Sometimes I get frustrated or tired of all the computer, administrative stuff, and then writing home reminds me of why I am here. I love you all.
This week has been a rush (as usual) and I am tired. We had a lot of driving yesterday, taking a missionary to the airport, and picking up and dropping off his replacement. We had several investigators come to church! But we had to go before the 3 hours were over, to do the little transfer. Last night, as we polished up the Sunday night report, President came down, and we discussed together at the office. It is nice with President back, and I really enjoy working with him, and getting to know him. He told us that all the missionaries in Vanuatu are safe, but that we're not sure about much else. The storm was huge, but it isn't headed for Tahiti, and we are much more stable here than they are. The majority of structures couldn't handle a big storm there, but here in Tahiti is much more advanced. I am safe.

This week, I read the Liahona article about Jesus' suffering in the garden, and about how He was sent an angel to comfort him, and help Him. I really liked it, and I think on a mission is one of the times where you receive or notice Heavenly Father's help, and His love like that.

This week, I felt the Spirit very strongly during our District Meeting. A couple from the UK, the Jones, gave the training, and it was really a neat meeting. Elder Jones taught institute for a long time, and his studies are fun. He shares some awesome insights, and some thoughts about scriptures, that I'd never have had. The training was about Lehi's dream, and Elder Jones taught using some insights from Elder Bednar. He talked about 'where are we' on the path, and he used some good scriptures to explain things about the path, and about all of the vision. It was super cool. The more I discover in the Book of Mormon, the more I wish that everyone would read it, and that people would seek to understand it. I feel so lucky to have received a good education when I was smaller, and I feel really lucky to be able to read and write, and understand when I read. It is a gift, and something that I really really want to instill in my kids some day. Teaching is really really hard when people can't communicate, and can't reason, or comprehend reasoning. Thanks Mom and Dad, for always helping me learn, and for treating me like an adult, and talking to us. Thank you for helping us.

This week that is coming, I plan to study more in the Book of Mormon, and I'd like to read my patriarchal blessing again. Some one talked about patriarchal blessings, and related them to the Liahona. I really liked that comparison, and I realized that I need to have faith in the promises found inside, and I need to follow it like the liahona. If I don't have faith, or if I make bad choices, the 'Liahona' might stop working, and I will need to make some course corrections. It was a cool thought.

We had a baptism this Saturday! It was the grandson of our ward mission leader! We teach other members of his family, and it was really a good service. Another brother (taught by the sisters in our ward) got baptised, and his baptism was neat too. Seeing our little investigator (nine years old) get baptized, reminded me of my baptism, and really was a special experience. Our little convert gave a great testimony too! We had talked to him about it, the other day, and he prepared it himself. He said that he knew the Church was truly the true church, and that Jesus showed us the true example of how to be baptised. He remembers sooo much from our lessons. He is soooo smart, and gets the lessons. It has been fun teaching him.

These are my thoughts for this week. Thanks again for loving me. And for everything. I got an e-mail from many of you! Thanks! I love you all so much, and it is nice knowing that you are all there. Have a good week, and thanks for all your prayers. I pray for you all too!

Have a good night! :D
Our Little Convert

Me with Elder Hill. I love that guy. We took him to the airport so he can go to Tubuai! 

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