Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hi all! Sorry, I didn't get the time after the airport to write. :( President's flight came in late, and we had an FHE last nignt.

Thanks for all the emails this week!  I am happy that you are doing well! 

Sorry if my thoughts are breif.

This week was a good one, and I am happy to be here. We broke my all time AP teaching record again (but this time it was a high, not a low!) We taught 23 lessons to investigators, and we had a great week. Elder Lee Chip Sao teaches really well, and we met some new investigators. One of our new investigators had already stopped smoking, and drinking, and has been prepared to be baptized already. It is like magic when you find someone who already lives the standards, and who accepts the gospel. It is amazing to teach people who've been prepared. The big reason this ami is ready, is because his brother is a member, and he's been with him a lot. His example has made a BIG  difference.

Pday was good! I did a really thorough cleaning of the bathrooom, and then we went a fishing! We have an investigator (the one who fed me mahi mahi and lobster) who just moved out of our sector. We decided to visit him on P-day. We went and fished with him, and he showed us how he fishes for all the little surf fish. It was fun. We got lots of little ones. When we got back, we picked up President from the airport, and then we were busy again. Should have written more before the airport... sorry about that.

Thanks for all your love and support. Thank you for being my family and for taking care of us. 
I don't have lots of time to write. Just know that I love you! I am doing well, and I pray for you all! 
Have a good week, and I will write more next monday!


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