Monday, March 31, 2014

Have a Taco For Me

Hey Mom and Dad!

Thanks for your emails.

[Dad asked about the planned fishing trip.]  I went fishing two weeks ago on P-day, but had not my good tackle. Bass lures on light ugly sticks would do wonders here, haha. Instead Elder Clark and I cut down a bamboo tree, found some huge line and hooks in the house and fished with the fish in the freezer (age unknown haha) as bait. Caught nothing but saw fish taking the stuff off the hook. We have plans to get some smaller line and hooks, then meet a member, but we will see. Still had fun. Now I can say I fished in Tahiti :)

I love Sundays here, but they are BY FAR the craziest day. We do the report Sunday night like we're supposed to and sometimes don't get in bed until late. Really fun though. I like talking with all the missionaries, even if it takes a while. We do the reports on Google docs.

So, this week went really well. We had an AWESOME activity at the temple and fixed two baptisms right there; with new people id never seen. Just wow. We took pictures of all the investigators there and then during the activity printed them out and gave them a picture of them in front of the temple. Worked so good :)

Things are going good. I still get days that are hard, but I haven't been really discouraged for quite some time. President has been such a awesome source for help. I love him and will miss him in three months. A third of my mission is over and when he leaves I'll be half done. Too fast. Way too fast.

[Mom asked about his weight and health.]  I am healthy. Haven't lost weight for a while still at a hefty, cough cough, 86 kilos [189 lbs.]  I'm doing good. I got sick from the water but I am doing good now. That was about four or five weeks ago. I am getting better at eating breakfast too! The mission nurse calls me every P-day and sees what I weigh... She is like a third grandma to me :)  She doesn't call everyone, just a few other Elders. I think all the weight melted off literally. I don't feel hot any more but the first 10 weeks I was always burning. I eat stuff that's not typical weight loss food too. Just odd. The other Elders she calls it's to help keep weight down haha I really am healthy though.  I sleep good, too.

Still work with the transvestite too! I really hope the best for that family.

I love you family. Have a taco for me (most missed food) and have a good week :) I'm so glad to be a missionary! AND so excited for Gen conf!!  Have a good week!


Orometua Larsen

Oh and PS, I found a book, the D&C illustrated in TAHITIAN!! It was at the mission office and Sister Anderson (the mission office couple) gave it to me :)  New study resource with sweet pictures :)

Turns out Elder Randall is in my zone now! Hes one of my best friends from the MTC and one of the best missionaries I know. We went and saw the huge botanical garden in Papeari today for P-day.  I got to see huge Galapagos turtles.

Me and a very enthusiastic looking elder clark, haha! Funny timing.  This is the big Red Bull surfing  place :)

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