Monday, March 17, 2014

This Week Has Been Great!

Hi all!
This week has been great! Had a super cool lesson on Sunday where the Spirit told me what to say and how, and I actually felt a burning in my heart as I did so. Not a common feeling for me. It was super cool, and afterwards the dude was crying and we fixed another visit! Yay! Random fast first paragraph, sorry, just a neat experience for me!
I just got done writing my letter to president in French 100 percent minus the word dang, and the word Dear. !!  (I could have used cher president, but I usually say dear). I realized today that things are going great. I am doing my best, my language is doing well, and I am surviving in Tahiti! Yay. Just happy to have this realization today. I get along with my companion, and I have great amis. Just hooray!
SWEET car Dad, Cherise I loved the Haiku :P, and I love you too Mom!!!! Have fun at BYU with Zephne. And Eulalia, I love you too! Keep chasing off the drama guys, :) Oh and Dad, turns out that durian is here, and according to the locals it is a variety of breadfruit. I believe that or variety of carosel, another fruit I've had that is all mushy inside. Either way, I'll let you know if I have it. Its wildly unpopular here. :P Wonder why.
I love you all very much. I am happy to be here! even if the tap water is brown and unreliable (at least it's there usually :) ). I miss you all, thanks for the prayers and love. Have a good week, and pray for my amis getting baptized and married this month!! 3 or 4!
Ua here au ia oe!

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