Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hard Week

Hello everyone! I am doing fine, doing emails today instead of Monday. Monday we got back late from Papeete and running errands for the zone, then I was the only one that had internet work for the short time left for emails, so I wrote a quick one in the 5 minutes I was on, then let Elder Clark use it to do the same. Still gotta write President.

This last week was hard. Not sure why. I haven't felt very efficient as a missionary, and I haven't felt very good. Been tired since I got to Tahiti (no surprises) but I have been super worn out the last few weeks. Just had a rough time I guess. I will be fine. Also need not to beat myself up. Elder Clark is a nice guy. He is a lot like Hunter. He is patient with my being slow, and he knows his stuff really well.

For a few weeks now we have been teaching a transvestite. Super nice guy, er girl. He used to be a member, but got some operations to change, and got excommunicated. Now twenty years or so later he is trying to change, and we are friends. Super nice person who just got lost at 15 years old. Has a wife and kids. They need the message. So glad I'm not lost like that. So glad. His visits make for some funny language decisions as far as feminine and masculine go. Its always frere; but if you slip up, its not the worst... Nice guy

This week I had lots of new fruits. Guava is weird but good, and pistache (not pistachio) is gross.

I love you guys. I am happy to be in Tahiti. Finally getting used to some of it. I love the people here.

Have a good week! Keep praying for me!  I love you guys!


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