Monday, March 24, 2014

Hey All!

Thanks for the emails :) Glad to hear that David got a good residency, at least he'll be close! 

This last week was a roller coaster, still good, but just crazy. Had a baptism marriage to do/ prepare for for Friday, and then we had a very large activity on Saturday to find investigators, we called it the Mega Super Weekend, and had almost 40 new amis come from just our ward boundaries. Crazy cool. The members did awesome, and the marriage baptism was super! So good! Thanks for the prayers! Then we had ward conference and our awesome stake president taught a class to the investigators. It was a charged, but great weekend. This weekend we are gather amis on two big busses to take all the investigators from the stake to the temple where president of temple and mission will talk.  That last sentence had a non English flare to it, n'est pas? haha, stuck thinking that way. We will take photos and print them of all the amis in their families so they can remember and fix it as a goal. Im excited for that.

No dad, the rivers are pretty shallow. Our truck is a 2 wheel drive, so no deep stuff. gotta be careful with the mission vehicle, :o  Mom, I love you!! Hope Lay's band tour goes well too! I will keep praying :)

Out of time, not a big letter but not bad. I love you guys SO MUCH!!! Thanks for everything. Have a good week and prep for general conference! So stoked for that!


DAD I HAD DURIAN :) ! So happy!

It is VILE

Image won't attach, I'll send it next week, :)

Love you!

Elder Larsen

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