Monday, March 10, 2014

First Real P-Day in Five Months

Today is the first real p-day in like 5 months!!!! YES! Cleaned the bathroom this morning, got TONS of laundry done, and going to Carrefour soon :) SO nice to have P-day.
Last night we had our first concert. About 120 missionaries in one stake center on the stand. It was packed with amis, and I think a lot of good will come from just that concert. We are going to go to all the other stakes in the next month or so. I got goose bumps singing Praise to the man. I think its my favorite song.

So, this week was good. Had a baptism, YAY! And got to see some of my old investigators from FAAA at the baptism. The family is definitely my favorite that I've met. They were super nice, and we were just super close friends. I didn't get to say bye to them when the transfer came because of how quickly it came. Seeing them was nice. Just fun.

This week we got to go to a meeting in Papeete too. Thursday was all driving there and back. Had so much fun with Elder Clark, and felt the Spirit very strongly. Was good to hear from President Sinjoux. Just a good week.

So IF (big IF) you send a package in the next 16 months, a few things would be nice:
A new cap for my Aladin bottle
(if I were home I'd write the manufacturer. the cap cracked, but the bottle is fine. Best bottle ever)
A journal
( I love the Covenant brand one I have, from deseret book, but if its better not to ship or you don't find one I can buy another brand here)
and slightly stronger prescription reading glasses.
(The ones I have are +1 I think, and +1.5 or +2 might be better. Getting headaches after reading. Just cheapie ones from walgreens would be nice; glasses are like 100 bucks here. For plastic)

These are just wish list things. I am fine, its just IF you send a package in the next year or so. 
I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Gotta go so Elder Goes can use the computer for emails. I love you tons, and thank you for your love and prayers. Had a good week and I am doing great. I LOVE YOU FAMILY!

Orometua Larsen

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