Monday, September 30, 2013


So the last week pretty much flew by. Yup. It feels like I emailed you like yesterday, and that I got dropped off a week ago. Still getting used to the time here.

WEEK 11!!! So cool. We leave ON MONDAY!!! That's in 7 days... or 6, depending on how you count.

This week was full of spiritual moments. We had the coolest devotional last night. The Provo Temple president and his wife came and spoke about how the temple empowers me as a missionary. We went to the temple today, and having his comments fresh on my mind was wonderful. We did initiatories and had a really good time. I love the temple, and will miss getting to go so often. When I get back I want to find out how to be a worker during college too. An elder in our zone, elder Molinari did that at BYU, and he said it's awesome.

During the personal study this week, I studied the Christlike attribute of hope in PMG chapter six. I read from elder Holland's article in the sept. ensign too. It was so cool! It went right with my study, and helped me feel more confident. The blessings he promises at the end are sweet. Goes with Isaiah 41 really well. Super cool. You should read chapter six, and do the box activities too. It is really rewarding, or at least it has been for me.

During the devotional on Tuesday (last one at marriot :( ) we got to hear from a member of the seventy who was awesome. Forgot to bring my note book with his name, but It was good. He spoke of promises that God gives to missionaries, and had scriptures from D&C and the New Testament to back them all up. It was what I needed to hear (as usual) and we got to shake his hand afterwards.

So, this week we have some fun stuff to do. Culture class will be our last class with the teachers, on Friday Night. We LOVE THEM! I seriously had no idea that the MTC teachers would be so good, and that they'd give support in areas other than the language. I will miss these guys, and hope to see them again so I can talk Tahitian to 'em. I also decided I want to be a TRC volunteer when I get back. We had our last TRC visit last week, and we met a guy from Tahiti who came here just for Conference. Really nice man. We taught him for 40 min in Tahitian (super hard, but super cool!) This week instead of TRC we have in field training, which is like an all day devotional, plus some specific advice about health and safety, and teaching. Everyone says its the bomb. Also this week, we get to pack. Since they scheduled our packing time for the day AFTER we leave we will most likely pack on Saturday between conf sessions. Conference will BE THE BOMB! Sounds like we all get to watch it in the same building, and we get to see Music and Spoken word too. I am so excited. All my teachers said that Conf. at the MTC is so good because everyone is focused for all the talks, and the spirit is so strong.

Also on Saturday I will probably email home, because we wont on Monday in Tahiti. So I will plan on emailing between sessions while i'm doing laundry. I plan on calling in the airport like dad emailed me about too.

Also, the mail this week was AWESOME! Thank you all for the Dearelders, the letters, and the prayers. I needed them all, and its good to hear from you.

I LOVE YOU!!!! Have a good week. I'll send some more stuff on Saturday. ENJOY CONFERENCE!

~Elder Larsen

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