Monday, September 2, 2013

Tahitian is Straight-Up Crazy


:D I love you!!

So, this week I found out I'm not moving to west campus. They cancelled it last week, not sure why but I will take it :D So my address will not change till I'm in tahiti.

Thank you so much for the CES talk from elder scott. I read it today durring Personal study time. Good to read that, and my pariachal blessing, and scriptures. Thats the type of stuff I like to read on P-Days.

I love you so much. I am so glad you're my mom, and that you care about, love and support me.

Running out of time. Had to email Kendal some CONGRATS!!! I'm so glad he got baptised. They I got baptised he gave me a card that said he wanted to be too, and was happy for me. I still have that. I am so glad he got to be. So cool.

Again, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! I am doing great here. I will write you a snail letter in a few min!

Brigham (elder your son)

Week seven here we go!

Week six went well, but felt just like the first week again. Long classes, fasting was rough, and a whole bunch of changes. Our new teacher Brother Nash is sweet. He got home last year, and is pretty cool.

MAIL!!! I got a bunch of mail this week. Thank you all so much!! The soap made it, as did my bag, and shoes (another email has details about those...) and that little package you (dad) send. Thank you so much!

So, the move is off. Yay! I'm so glad there's one less thing to worry about!

We got 3 new elders this week, all from France. Elder Ganne-Solary, Elder Doit, and Elder Gouttin. All from the same stake in the north of France. They speak pretty good english, and they speak faster french than I'll have to in Tahiti. They came in as a trio, and the branch pres decided to keep it intact, along with our trio, so we don't have to get split up (that was nice of them). Now we have 11 in our classroom, and it's super crowded, and loud. Sometimes we study in another class to get things done. Hard to get 11 people to all be focused at the exact same time, in 3 languages.

I had a great time at devotional this week! Elder Neil Anderson (yeah, of the 12!) came and he and his wife told sweet mission stories, and taught about the fact that we are doing good, and when we get discouraged to be obedient, and remember that we're doing all we can, and God knows that. It was so good. After his devotional, we had to stay in the Marriott for an extra 30 min while thunder and lightning was outside the building. Elder Anderson got up and shook a whole bunch of missionaries hands. Didn't get to, but wasn't bummed; I feel lucky to have been there. While he shook hands we sang hymns, and had a super cool spirit there. I really enjoyed that, and felt like it was a tender mercy just for me.

After the devotional let us out, it was still pouring (but the lightning stopped). We had so much fun walking back in our suits, getting drenched lol! I let mine dry well (don't worry mom!) and will get it dry-cleaned in a bit.

Saturday was rough for me. Had a bad night's sleep and had no confidence. That night I started my fast and asked for better self esteem and reassurance. Sunday morning I got called to be the District leader... Not quite what I had in mind, hahah! Thought that was super funny. I will do my best, and am still a little shocked. The meetings to go to are a nice break from class though :D.

Tahitian is crazy. Straight up Crazy. I feel exactly what elder Palombo felt during French. He's a champ at tahitian. Sounds like the Hawaiian he knew has really helped. The grammar is stupid simple, but the vocab is killer. Still trying to figure out how to pronounce like 2 vowels next to each other, after each consonant. Also the T, K, S, D, Z, Q, G(sometimes), & C ALL MAKE THE SAME SOUND..... Kinda hard to spell when you have know idea which letter that t sound is represented by. I know I can do it, but still get worried now and then. On the bright side, saying stuff in french seems 100 times easier! and we still get to teach an investigator in French so we don't loose it. yay!

Again, thank you all for the mail, and thanks for supporting me. Thanks for the prayers too. So far at the MTC I have had soo many tender mercies and prayers answered. Its crazy. I can't wait for October 7 to go and do REAL work (not that the MTC isn't good or anything).

Love you and have a good week! :D

~Elder Larsen

PS We decided my name would sound like elder Tartan in Tahitian. The L turns into the rolled r like in 'daddy' (no r in daddy.... odd, but that's how they teach English speakers to say it), and the s to a t. Kinda funny. Love you !

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