Monday, September 16, 2013

WEEK NINE!!!! Yay!

WEEK NINE!!!! Yay! After Tuesday, we will have been here at the MTC longer than anyone else. And will stay that way until the 7th. So funny to see elder's faces as we tell them, yeah this is like week nine. And we have three to go.

Some cool stuff happened this week. We got to direct traffic for the new missionaries! I was the first one inside the gate, so I waved about 1000 cars the right way. I got to see the Giggers! That was a surprise! So cool though. I've seen sister Gigger here a lot already too. The sisters in the zone know her, and she has meals the same time as we do I think. She's super nice, and will be a great missionary. I was super nervous to direct traffic, but it turned out to be the funnest thing we've done here. Got to use the radio, and tell others what was coming in. Saw some cool cars too.

Elder Palombo's dad says we'll have a guy come talk to us about our bikes, and what the deal is there, this week. I will share any info I get. Sounds like in the airport there is a huge pile of everyone's luggage, and the zone takes turns shuttling it to where it's gotta go, leaving people with the luggage on either end. I'll see how that goes. Also, we can call from the airport is what I have been told. They're saying to call from SLC not LAX, because we have no idea if we'll make or miss the LA flight. That means phone calls if any will be at like 3:00 AM. I will find out about that too. The book store knows whats up.

Went to the temple today! That is always such a relief. I am the most calm, and relaxed there. Also this week I have been trying to learn more about the Holy Ghost. I realized that I he's there 24/7. He doesn't whimp out on his end of the deal. If I can't tell he's there it's usually because I am not listening, or I'm distracted/nervous. That hit me about Thursday or Friday this week. Our lesson went SO GOOD. I came out of it kinda dazed though. It was the first time that the french has just flowed without any translation, and the first time where instead of 'how do I say that?' it was "What do I want/need to say?" The spirit helped us out, and it was so good. Going to shoot for that again. That day I felt him there 24/7. Super neat

Another cool thing happened in the TRC this week. Tahitian TRC is so much different. As in: I follow 2% instead of 97%. Yeah. I was supper worried, and prayed for help while we prepared our lesson. During the lesson my companions did GREAT, and I did OK. I asked a question about the volunteer's testimony, and when he bore it, I understood 2 words, but felt the spirit SO STRONG and I knew what he was talking about. It was sooo cool. I received another witness about the restoration, even though I personally, couldn't translate the words. The spirit is so cool. I think I already said that... It was neat too, when he (in French) told us that even though he was from Tahiti, he spoke only french before his Tahitian mission. That helped me feel more confident about my chances. He spoke SO well.

Tahitian is going better though. We've learned most of the grammar concepts (there are so few) and will learn vocab till the day we get back from Tahiti. They only have 2000 words (English has +30,000) so almost all Tahitian words have like 5 meanings. Context is the only way to stay afloat. The word for "to be able to" is the same as "beautiful". Nehenehe. yeah, that's a weird one. Another one is "maramarama." It means light, but it also means knowledge! WHAT! I had no idea I was learning the language of Adam here! All kidding aside, the language is so cool. The scriptures are described as pure, because with so few words, you can't twist meanings much at all. Neat. Brother Nash also told us there's a saying there that "the more you speak, the more you lie." They like the missionaries to be brief because of it. Interesting.

I met an elder going to Pocatello from Tahitit!! His name is elder Turina. He's like 6 feet tall, and pretty tough looking guy. He's super nice. I told him if he ever is in our stake you'd feed him, and if I'm in his stake I'll say hi to his parents. So watch out for him :D He is super nice, and his English is great. Kinda fun to meet someone who's EXACTLY switching you for 2 years! I'll take a picture with him some time.

I love you all. Thank you for your support, letters, love, and prayers. I am so excited to go to the field. Our whole residence just left today. Something like 90 elders just from our building I think. All elders going to France (Lyon and Paris) and some going to Brazil. Stays that way for the next 2 days, and then we get 26 more. Crazy. We try not to realize that they came in, and left while we were here. Can't wait to do 'real' missionary work. In TAHITI!!

Again, I Love you all!
~Elder Larsen

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