Monday, September 23, 2013

Worst Day Ever and Best Day Ever

Week nine is over! Week ten is here! (Only thirteen days till I'm in Tahiti!!)

This week has been great. Had the WORST day ever on Saturday, and the BEST day ever on Sunday. I lost about 3 hours of sleep and woke up with a fever on Saturday. It went away (mostly) on Sunday, and I felt the spirit very strongly that day too. That's most of what I remember from this week. Yeah, kinda funny how the days are just blurred. On Tuesday I saw Elder Bridger West! I was having a tired, slow day, and after I saw him I KNEW that heavenly Father made that happen just to make my day better. That was really nice, and fun to see someone from home.

I got to go to the temple today! I love the temple. Kendal emailed me pics of him at the Rexburg temple. SO COOL! I'm so happy for you Kendal! Those made my day. I only have one more visit to the Provo temple before I leave. Weird.

Tahitian is still coming along. We've had some good, and bad teaching experiences with Tahitian. The most important thing is still just to have the spirit. Language means SO little compared to the spirit's presence. The easiest way to invite it is to make sure the lesson is planned REALLY well, and that it's connected to their needs. Not easy to connect everything in Tahitian. Hard to ask stellar questions when you wont understand the responses. haha!

I know I wont be any sort of 'fluent' with it when I leave the MTC, but that's ok. For now keeping up French and learning how to do the simple things in Tahitian will be my best. Just gotta have faith, and the spirit, so that the Gift of tongues will work. The MTC's minimum goal is that you know 1000 words by the time you leave. Still got a LONG way to go toward that one. On the bright side, I can make my own words with the ones I know! haha, funny how that works. Haa or faa +any noun = verb (of the noun), and any verb+raa = the noun (of the verb...) yeah still  a little confusing. If you understand the little things like that though, you can get a lot more ideas across. Haamaitairaa = blessings (maitai = good, so to make good, noun) . Yeah

Elder Ganne-Soulary left this morning for Lyon France. He got reassigned because of health issues. Super sad. We all miss him, and wish him the best. He has had the MOST positive attitude about having to get reassigned, and has been an example for all of the Elders and sisters in our district. He will be an awesome missionary in France.

Our branch president (President Mangum) got released, and our 2nd counselor got called as President (now President Barker). I love president Barker. We have Brother Burnah now as 2nd counselor. He is so cool. We also lost our 1st counselor last week (brother Howes) and have Brother Carter who was the mission president in Mongolia just a while ago. Really good brothers all of them. We've had members of the MTC presidency in the past 2 sacrament meetings. that has been really cool. It's also been cool to get to know the new members of our presidency, and to hear from the MTC presidency too. I am so glad we get to have mission conference on Sunday too. We lucked out, we get 3 mission conferences (one per fast Sunday) and General Conf. here at the MTC. Awesome.

Anyway, thanks for the mail, and for all the support. I love you my family. Have a good week!


~Elder Larsen
Me With The Package Last Week (YAY!!)
Group at the Temple
Another Group Pic at the Temple
What Happens When You Give Your Camera to Your Zone Leader to Take a Picture of You

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