Monday, September 9, 2013

There's a Cat In My Throat

Hi family! How's it going? This is week 8... yikes. We just had our 7th Sunday here. Kinda odd to think about.

This week went pretty well for me. Our district has had an interesting one. One of the elders may be getting reassigned for medical reasons, and we've had some homesick elders too. It's not quite the week I'd recommend for 1st week as district leader, but I have learned a lot in training, and through loving these elders.

For devotional last Tuesday, we had some really cool people speak. An elder from the seventy and his wife, who both served as mission president couple in Japan. They shared some really neat experiences about faith, and prayer. I really liked hearing that.

So it turns our there's no MTC choir number for general conference (with elders, hint hint). Bummer. At least we get to do choir for devotionals still.

This week Tahitian has taken a turn for the better, ish. Ua maruuru vau i te Evanelia a Iesu Mesia. (I'm thankful for the gospel.) That's mostly what I can say, simple sentence, : Tense marker, verb, subject, i te, object. Sounds like caveman speak, and after doing it for an hour, your french and English gets all messed up. "Now to have I of the confusion."

Yup. At least if I ever learn Japanese I'll have a start on the structure (lol, not happening).

We did our Tahitian TRC for the first time last Thursday. That was crazy. I met Daniel (formerly elder) Gunderson, the guy who lives in Blackfoot. Talked to him about Idaho during our TRC visit. Think his dad works at ON. That was a tender mercy. He's a super nice man who speaks Tahitian and french very well. We actually had a lesson and conversation for the full 20 minuites after like 8 days in the language. So cool. Hope this one goes even better. We realized that we only have two more TRC visits after this one because the last week we do infield training on Thursdays

Sunday went GREAT! During sacrament meeting I took notes and listened actively for the spirit, and had a cool bunch of thoughts given during the lessons I needed. The devotional was boss too. Richard I Heaton, MTC executive spoke, all about prayer. It was so cool. I love his devotionals. He gives like one a month I think. Afterwards, we watched the Testaments movie. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! The last time I watched that was with Zeph at home a loooong time ago. Its so cheesey for about 1 hour and 10 min, but the last 8 minutes makes me ball. The spirit is SO strong. Just like when we teach about the restoration. Every time we get a new witness. That's something I never expected.

Mail! I got some sweet dear Elders last week. Uncle David, what you said was 100% what I needed. And Mom, and Dad, you're letters helped me a LOT. One elder was thinking about going home, and like 10 minutes earlier I had read your letters. I told him about how this mission thing has already brought some cool blessings that you pointed out. Then I gave him that D&C 31 that you printed out dad, and it was just what he needed (so can you mail me annother :P. I really liked it).

Today I got to go to the Temple. Wow. Just wow. I felt the savior's love SO strong as I was going through. I have only felt it like that a few times. I remembered a lot about the first time I went through, and how Mom and Dad helped me. I really am so glad we have a temple family. I want one too, when I am old. Going today resolved a lot of pent up stress, and concerns I had. Super cool.

On a silly note  before I leave:

In class elder Goutin (from France, he's awesome) and I were looking in our 300+ page Tahitian grammar and vocab book. In the back there is a list of idioms. In that list there are at least 10 idioms that we NEVER say. Lol. Some translate VERY poorly into french. We laughed so much. One was: It's as easy as falling off a log. French: C'est facille comme 'bonjour!'. Where did they get 'as falling off a log', from 'bonjour'? Another was: There is a frog in my throat (we say that one) but the french "I y a un chat dans la gorge" was soooo funny. It means there is a CAT in my throat. A CAT!?!?! So funny for the french elder to hear frog, and for me to hear cat. haha

There were some better ones, but I can't remember them off the top of my head. I'll mail some other funny ones.

Anyways, I love you all. Thanks for the support, and for the prayers. Some times when I'm having a rough day, I remember that you are praying for me, and all the other missionaries. Makes the day go easier.

~Elder Larsen

Silly Pictures

Got a new card! The old one got THRASHED in a vending machine haha. Also a pic of me. Awkward one, but its what I could do in the lab right now.

love you all

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