Monday, April 6, 2015

The Airport, the ER, and the Office

Hello everybody!

This has been a good week. Things have been really busy, thanks to transfers, but it will all be over on Thursday. Whew. I have been so tired, but the conference was a good break.

Today has been an interesting P-day, too. We've been to the ER, to the airport, and in the office, and I am not sure what we'll be able to do today. Its good though. Gotta see some missionary buddies at the airport, and I will go eat a good lunch soon. DON'T worry, the ER was not for myself. The hospital is very close, and we go often, to give blessings, or to take sick missionaries there.

This week, I have felt more and more demand for my time, and it's been interesting. I love being here, and I love all the chances that my companion and I have to serve, and to work, but it is good sometimes to have a P-day. :D 

This week, we should have a baptism! We started teaching this investigator about one month ago, and he was really prepared. I am stoked. 

We are going to go eat.

I am doing well.

I love you all!


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