Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

This week has gone by SO fast! Some really cool things happened, and I feel so lucky to be here. It is SO good to hear about you! Dad, I am happy that the camp-out was a success, and that you and the boys had a good time. It made me chuckle to think about the McDonald's-smelling bivy. Hahha! I loved the Brigham Young quotes too.

New Years Day was.... interesting. We spent it at the office, making some reports. When we went into the sector, wow. Lots of drinking. Not cool man. I understand why some missions have missionaries stay in. Either way, we taught a bit, and worked in the office. We also got to eat steaks with president. :D that was fun. Now that the holidays are over, here comes the work! oh yeah! Can't wait for this week to get going. We should teach a lot more this week.

This week, I got to do a split with the Elders from Punnauia (the Zone Leaders, that is.) I was with elder Sandstrom (I dunno if I told you about the other split I did with him as his Zone Leader). He finishes in a few weeks, and it was great fun being together. We got some good work done, and I really enjoyed learning more from him, and with him. Heavenly Father really gave us a special miracle. The first lesson we did there, was right after our weekly district meeting. We went to their meeting, then afterwards, I was with Elder Sandstrom, and we went to the lesson. When we got there, he said ‘’oh, you might know these people, they are from Vairao (my old sector). ‘’ They had seen them one time, and knew that they were just visiting Punnauia so thought we’d try and teach a lesson real quick.  We showed up, and sure enough, I totally do know them! We fixed their baptismal date, and I will be able to be there! It was just a cool turn of events. Heavenly Father let me be there, at a ‘random’split, and at just the right time. It was so cool to see them!

This week we are getting ready for the Transfers! Wooo hoo! It feels like every week is transfer planning now. It involves a LOT of time meeting with president, about the strategy of what sectors to cover, or open or close, and then President getting the revelation to know where to put the missionaries. It is a cool process, and I am lucky to participate, but it does take a lot of time. I look up to president.

This morning I studied about Ezra Taft Benson. Holy cow that guy was an AWESOME prophet. Holy cow. I got a copy of the manual from our ward secretary (:D) and then got to read some of it this morning. I got kind of sucked in, reading about his life. He is a Hero. Really though. I want to be that good of a servant for my God, and I want to be that kind, and that serviceable. Wow, it was a good study. I want to be the best I can be, and help Heavenly Father. I am amazed by the example of the living prophets. I really love those manuals, and get a lot from them.

SO, that is most of what is on my mind today. Just know that I am well, and that things are going alright here in Tahiti. I sure do miss you, but it seems weird now, thinking that I finish this year. Hmmph. Weird. This is going by really really fast. Like really though. Christmas is already over. WOW. I can't wait to see you all. I love you and I pray for you too!

I love you my family! Thanks for everything, and for taking care of me! Tell Grandma and Grandpa thanks, and that I love them as well. It will be so fun to see them again too! 

Have a good week, and thanks for all the prayers! 

Sister Naylor's going away crepes and enchilada party (at the Anderson's :D)
She was with us at the MTC. A super nice sister. Her parents are in the photo.  They came down to pick her up.

The baptism that happened last week! :D
The white pants are soooo comfy (and SOOO BAGGY :P)

Me last night with an elder who was at the MTC with me! Elder Haumani

This is a pic of IDAHO POTATOES !!!! I saw the box in the dumpster on the street, and I was SO happy, that I took a picture :D Go Idaho!

Beach soccer today, turned into grass soccer.

I sat it out and took pictures :D

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