Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Quick Note to Mom

Hi, Mom!

Sorry I didn't get to e-mail you yesterday! Things were super busy at the office, and we had to help with the 'goodbye' meeting for some missionaries. I felt bad going to bed last night, without having written. Sorry mom! I hope dad has a good camp out, and I hope that you have had a good rest!

Things were great this week, and seeing you was AWESOME :D I really really enjoyed that, and I was happy to see everyone. Thank you, thank you!!!  The next time we skype will be Sunday May 10th. (If skype is available, as Dad said. But I think it will be. :D)

This was a special weekend too. We had a marriage of two of our investigators, and we had the baptism of two others. They went really well. One of the baptisms was an old old man, taught by the sisters. He asked me to baptize him. It was a special moment, helping him into the baptismal font.

It was really really funny though, I had completely, forgotten to get DRY clothes :D I came to the baptism, without dry garments… Had to put pants on over the wet ones and it was really funny. At first, after toweling them off, I thought, ‘Oh that will work out’, but then about 3 minutes later my pants started looking wet, so we ran to the house, and back, and nobody noticed, heheh.

Yesterday was transfers day, and we still got to teach a bit, go to the airport, give a blessing in FAAA, and work  a little in the office. Not much of a P-Day though. I wake up on Tuesday’s sometimes, completely lost as to what day it is, because it feels like Monday was another Saturday or a Thursday or something. Funny.

That’s good to hear that Eulalia will be going on splits. I should have… oh well. I know that for a while there were sister missionaries, and elders once in a while; but I’m sure if I’d have asked to do splits, elders would have appeared.

Things are going well. I am happy to be a missionary, and to be your son! I miss you! And I know that things will be alright. So sorry that I didn’t send an e-mail yesterday!

PS. I will send some pictures later today I think. I got a meeting soon, but will be able to after, I think.

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