Monday, December 8, 2014

Sounding the Conch and Kolipoki Comes to Church

Hi everyone!

So, I am writing, and it's Monday! Wooohooo! The transfer took lots of energy and time away, but now it's over (Whew!). Good to have the time to write P-day emails, on P-day. Hooray! Don't worry Dad, there are plenty of YAAFP's on the list.

This week has been really a whirlwind. I think I say that pretty often, but it is true. Monday, all we did was prepare for our new missionaries, and Tuesday and Wednesday were completely spent with them. I was THE driver taking them around in the big van from the temple, into town, and to the airport and etc. Fun to read your letter, Dad, and see that Elder Larsen has done that before me. I really, really enjoy being with the new missionaries too, and I will really miss that after my mission. I feel soo lucky to be a missionary, and I will miss it sooo bad. Good thing I don't have to think about that yet.

Oh, and Dad your weather observations were correct. It is RAINING.... It rained sooo hard this morning, but now its calmed a bit. I'm sending a pic of the parking lot outside of our house (and just out side of the employment center, where I'm doing our emails) right now.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were good days spent mostly teaching. Again, I am lucky and thrilled to have Elder White as my companion. He is such a good guy, and he is a good teacher. I enjoy being able to teach with him. This week we told the first vision to some investigators, and it was really noisy outside. I felt the Holy Ghost tell me that we needed to say it again, and I did. It was a good thing, because they didn't get it the first time. When we said it the second time, they were really interested in it, and they committed to pray about it. Then, we came back the next day, and as we talked with one of the sisters, she told us about how she had a dream that night. In her dream, she lived the first vision. She said she felt like she was in the forest, and that she saw it happen. She said she needs no other proof, and believes that it happened. WOW! Such a cool testimony experience.

This weekend, we had some fun dropping luggage and bikes and missionaries off too. We did the tour of the island two or three times this week. Whilst in Papeari (my old zone!) I took a picture with Elder Lee and Tago (the ZL's right now). They are awesome missionaries, and I really love them and their zone. Elder Lee let me try out his conch shell. It stunk sooo bad, but made a legit horn noise JUST like in the movies! NO WAY! Sending a picture of that  :D

Sunday we watched the broadcast. Bummed about the lack of President Monson speaking, but hey, it's not everyday we get to hear from Pres Eyring either... :P It was good.

At church guess who was there!? KOLIPOKI! President Groberg came to our chapel this Sunday. They are on vacation here. An older brother who was with him, is named Larry Larsen! Funny to see President Groberg and Larry Larsen in Tahiti! :D I should have taken a picture with them, but didn't want to bug them on Sunday. We chatted a bit between meetings. It was pretty neat.

Today has been a nice laid back P-day. The main event so far has been the laundry adventure. I took a nap, as my white shirts were in the dryer. I had a TON of laundry to wash, and have like no whites left. So I loaded up the washer with ALL my whites (like really, ALL of them), and then when they were done, I placed them in the dryer. I pushed go on the dryer at like 7 AM then after my nap, I checked it at 8:30. I opened the door and it was all wet.... :/ Like not dry at all.  Then, for the rest of this morning we've been trying to get the drying working :P Tried changing the gas tank, unplugging it, resetting it, and now a man will come by to check the pilot light. Woohoo! That's been the main event today, and it has been a nice break from the office though. My shirts are currently drying in one of the couples machines (they live next to the temple, about a block and a half away). Can't wait to have my white shirts (yes ALL of them) back, so I can go to the office. :P

That is about what the week has been. Again, thanks for all the mail, support, and love. I miss you all, but I know that I am WHERE I need to be, and that I would rather be no-where else. I LOVE my mission, and I am so thankful that I decided to serve. I always knew I'd go on a mission (since I was 3) but I am beginning to see why it is such a blessing. I am so blessed, and so happy to be a missionary. I love being around all the couples and other missionaries, and I am excited too for one day to go to my next sector. In the office I realize the importance of teaching, and the value it has. Being in the office is fun, but teaching is still the highlight. Feeling the Spirit's help is so rewarding, and we get to love the people. I am just happy, and lucky. Oh man, I am sooo glad I am here. Thanks for supporting me out here!

Have a good week my family!

Oh and PS, still coordinating the Skype call. I think it will be like last year, but I'll confirm. I think I know where we will go, but will let you know soon.

Oh, and PPS (now it's just getting ridiculous), I was wondering if you know anything about BYU housing and class deadlines. I have heard missionaries say that Fall housing schedules are opening as early as next month. Could you help me figure that out? If I need to use the computers to do any sort of school registration, it's not a problem, but I'd like you to help me if possible.


The Zone in the Visitors Cente, with Elder Tarati of the Seventy

Elder Lee's Konch shell from Tubuai :D hehehhehe

At the Airport dropping off Elder Taylor's new companion (Elder Tripp)

The Parking Lot with Some Mild Rain

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