Monday, December 1, 2014

A Really, Really, Really Busy Day

Hello everyone!

Yes, I know it is late :/ Today has been a really really really busy day. We have 23 missionaries in the air right now, and in 8 hours or so, I'll be pick'n some of 'em up. (that was a grammatical disaster... sorry Mom). The program is now OFFICIALLY finished (good grief, it is for tomorrow....) and I sure hope it goes well :P

Next week's letter will be a good one. And yes Dad, maybe a postcard.

This week has been amazing. Really though. Heavenly Father has done so much for us in our area, and has helped Elder White and I get some good work done in the office. Transfers have been kinda super time consuming, as has been preparing for this new batch of missionaries. I am SO STOKED! I can not wait to see them. Like really though. I love meeting missionaries, and getting to interact with the new ones is pretty cool.

Today, we got up, and drove to Arue to get haircuts from my friend Elder Twede. He is from my MTC group, and did a great job on my hair. After haircuts, we went to the office to finish the program, we ran some errands in ville, and we picked up sister's bags from the docks, and drove them out to Mahina. I was on a split with my buddy Elder Sorenson. He is a great guy, and just started 3 months ago. He's been at our place with Elder Tumarae (ZL) while Elder Tumarae waits for his companion. Whilst together we laughed, and talked about the mission, and then I had an odd sensation. He asked, ''So like how long have you been out?" And I said, oh about 16 months...and it just hit me. Time has really really gone by so fast. I can not believe it has been 16 months. I remember being the guy who'd been out almost 12 weeks. I thought the other guys (out for 16 or 18 months) knew it all...... Wow.

These past two weeks have been filled with some special experiences. Sunday, all of the Pacific area was asked by the area Pres. (Elder Pearson) to spend the Sacrament meeting talking about the atonement. My bishop asked me to give a testimony just at the end, and I was really happy to. I felt so lucky, and I really really enjoyed the service. Weird, when you start liking to be on the program.....

In the area, there has been a crazy weird-named virus, the CHIKUNGUNYA or something like that. It's passed by skeeters, and just gives you a fever for a few days (only dangerous if your a little baby or a grandma.) It also makes old wounds, or bruises hurt again. Weird huh? Anyways, this virus has been the biggest gift from God to our sector, for the last few weeks. EVERYONE wants blessings, and EVERYONE who we've blessed has accepted to receive the message, because they felt something special. One man came to church all by himself (we didn't even invite  him... I know, right!) One family, we gave about 7 blessings, and got about 7 new investigators. It has been such a special experience too, and has helped me realized the POWER of the priesthood, when the bless-er and the bless-ee (:P) have FAITH. It has been so special, and I have seen miracles.

So, again, this week has been great. Super stressful, but great. I know that things will work out and that I am doing my best. Thank you sooo much for your support!

I am gonna finish up some last preparations for tomorrow, and then I think today is over. Thanks for everything. I love you my awesome family!


A good friend of mine, who I saw the other day. He is a member from Hitiaa, who is coming to church again!

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