Monday, January 19, 2015

All-Time Teaching Record

So, this week. Was an adventure. I did get some good photos :D
I am going to give a quick daily summary of this week:

Monday, was filled up (like I said.... Sorry) We said goodbye to Elder Tau, Elder Holding, and some other missionaries. 

Tuesday, we received a group of new missionaries (all from Tahiti) Did some orientation, and got them taken care of.

Wednesday, we worked with the new missionaries then sent them to their sectors, then we had a big meeting with all the WML's on Tahiti. That was stressful.

Thursday, we had an all-day leadership council. It went very well.

Friday we took off! We did a zone conference at Raiatea, and then did some splits and lessons with the ZL's there. Elder Rose and Lee Chip Sao. Very cool Elders :D I love those guys! 

Saturday, we got up, went to Bora, and then did another zone conference (with the Bora Bora district), and then we came back on Sunday.

So, that is a quick summary. I am doing good, and I will be doing even better in a week or so :D 
We've got a lot of conferences this week, but the week after should be nice. This week, we only taught about 6 lessons :( All time record for me (as in least IVE EVER TAUGHT...) yikes. I sure hope to get some more lessons in this week.

The conferences went pretty well. We taught about helping people make it to baptism, and how we should be able to accompany the investigators all the way through their conversion process. It was a special chance to teach with President, and to see the other missionaries. In Bora, they had 6 Elders in the house, and we stayed there, making it 8. It was awesome being able to talk to them, and see how things are going. It was a special trip, and I hope that other missionaries learned from the conferences, like I did. 

I am SOOO happy to hear that Sister and baby are doing well! I am proud of you guys! Seeing those pictures was so cool! I cant wait to meet her, someday!

I am doing well. Thanks for all the prayers, and for helping me to be here. I am so glad to be here. Some weeks are easier that others. This week was stressful, but really really cool, being able to see some islands. I hope we get a lot done this week in our sector.

These are my thoughts for this week. Again, know that I am doing well, and that I love you all! I can not believe that it is already 2015. I just hope that I can do my best for the next seven months, and that my best is good enough!

Have a good week I LOVE YOU!


This is a picture of Elder Tau. He finished last Monday. Crazy.

The Tahitian group that just came in. (this is all Monday/ Tuesday)

We went to Raieatea!

Me and Elder Franco (MTC companion!)

Yes... we got on planes :D
This is the Airport at Raiatea.

Here you see the whole thing. The gate, and the check in counter. Tiny.

Then we went to Bora Bora
You have to take a boat to get from the airport to the island... wow.
This is a pic of us on the ferry

This is me and Elder Ball!

This is the UNREAL lagoon at Bora Bora. HOLY COW

This is Leaving Bora on plane.
yes I was like a little boy on the plane. GLUED to the window :

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