Monday, June 2, 2014

Slow P-Day and a Baptism

Hello! How's it going! This week was awesome for Elder Ball and me. It started strong, we had like 15 lessons with a member there, and 5 others. It ended with a baptism, and the sister asked me to baptize her!! Yay! I was happy to do so, and consider it an honor! It was my first time, and I was a bit nervous like usual, but It went fine, and I didn't even have to do it multiple times. Woo hoo! I'll send some pictures of that, OK!

This Saturday, I got the package with the green journal and the little brown one! Thank you a TON!!! The green one will be put into use in about 3 days, and got here just in time. Thank you thank you thank you! I'm using the little brown one now for writing spiritual experiences. Oh and THANKS for the huge letter Zephne!

This Sunday we had a large stake meeting for planning missionary work in the stake. It went awesome, but I could have used my speaking time better. I didn't quite get all of what I wanted to out, but it's OK because Elder Ball and President TUBAI did super good. President gave us homework, and engaged all of the members there really well. He is like a prophetic speaker, and has loads of cool spiritual experiences. I would love to be able to talk like him. Every time he speaks, everyone listens, even if he is like 10 years younger than them. During stake conf, last month, he spoke, and each time he spoke the people were glued to his words and you could just FEEL the Spirit from them. Super cool dude.

P-day's been a nice slow one, full of like NOTHING!! Woohoo, not one scheduled thing, besides our FHE tonight. That is nice to take it slow once in a week. Its gonna be weird to get home and not have my little planner with me. I feel guilty about time usage here during the week, and I never did before. I forget that before my mission, every minute still counted; but it wasn't set apart for God. I really appreciate my calling, and can't imagine what the Apostles, and 70s feel like, because they've been set apart for like life. Cool, but that's gotta be hard. I have lots of respect for them.

This week I also got my General conference Ensign!! Super stoked about that one because that means that I get to study GC again! I really ran through the last issue, and now I get to repeat with this April's!

Thanks again for the mail, and for the love. I miss you guys, and please keep praying for me! I need help recognizing the Spirit's voice all the time, and not being tired :)

I love you tons and TONS! You guys are my heroes and I can't wait to see you all again. Thanks for the love and care. Have a good week!


Turns out orometua means like pastor. Cool that I get tags that say PASTOR LARSEN! :)

Cold Water!

Pic of Baptism

I Haz Bananaz

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