Monday, June 30, 2014

Just Happy Days!

Howdy! Thanks for the emails all!

Yes, dad E Ball and I are getting along well. He is such a good guy. Good hearted and honest to the core. He is a smart, cool guy too. He speaks Californian, and loves surfing, and is majoring in physics (might change). Just a cool dude. He keeps us working hard too!

Yesterday we saw Presidnet Bize. He is a cool dude, who just breathes, CEO. hehehe . Not a bad thing. His French is awesome, with natural French accent (duh), his English is too, with less accent, and he speaks Tahitian with an American accent. Crazy. He is a nice man. He asked me where I'm from and then talked to me about potatoes, after I told him Idaho. I look forward to his direction, and help. He says his goal is to make the current leadership, REAL leaders, and to put the church on the map here. The poll of religions says PROTESTANT, CATHOLIC, and  OTHER, according to the almanac. To be listed as a percentage other than OTHER, it has to be at 10 percent or higher, so that's his goal for his time as pres. Cool, I thought. Excited too. Saying bye to President Sinjoux last night was hard and weird. He took the time to shake each one of our hands, and say goodbye. He hugged me, and whispered some advice to me in the crowd. I will really miss him, and his character. He is truly full of Christlike love. I hope to learn from Pres Bize too!

This week was a good one, ended in a pair of BAPTISMS! wooho! The middle of the week was a bit off though. Elder Ball's been sick, and I've been a little sick too. I think we ate something a bit off, but I think I just have like a cold. Sore throat and all. But we're OK. Got through the worst of it listening to talks on Elder Ball's USB.

The baptisms were of two children, 9 and 10, of a sweet lady who used to be a member. She had a miracle that lead her back to church, and E Ball and I taught and just baptized her two kids. I felt crazy deja vu from my lessons as and 8 year old. WOW. Weird huh,? It made me realize what a big role the missionaries have, and teaching kids is just as important as teaching 30 year olds, if not more important. If done well, it will lead a whole family to successful, happy, Gospel life, not just a single 30 year old guy. Wow. It's been a sacred and fun chance to teach these girls. They are so cute, and very very attentive. One asked me to baptize her, and the other asked Elder Ball. Just cool! Their dad was touched by the baptism too! Just cool! I really have high hopes for this whole family. Just happy days!

This week was good. Lots of cancellations, and lots of back up plans, and some change. I took the 3rd hour class with E Ball for 5th Sunday, and it was great. I read in Jacob 4 (favourite chapter) today about how God gives us weaknesses so we can recognize his hand when we succeed. I really appreciated his help in the fireside, and in the class. These are really moments of weakness for me, made strong. I relish these sacred chances. I just love being a missionary. I just love it!

Good to hear travels are going OK. Have fun back East! Be safe!!! Sorry to hear about the surgery Mom :(. I will pray for you! I love you tons!

Thanks for sending pants! Mom, St. Patrick's isn't a holiday to me either, hehehe. :P I feel very lucky, and very LOVED with the level of support and love you guys give me, apart from, and including packages and mail. I know you guys love me! Oh, and THANKS for the chocolate fish Cherise and mom! Made it intact :).

With the pants, if you could send a bit of scripture study materials that would be cool too, like a Scripture master Book mark or something like that. I love looking up scriptures. Thanks for the SDs too! They are GREAT! Really though, THANK YOU THANK YOU! Thank you SOOO much for all the prayers, pants, love, and mail! I love you tons!

I love you family! Have a good week, and I will too!

Just before transfers a week back.  I love Elder Houde (in yellow).  He's my buddy.
Cool Clouds

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