Monday, June 23, 2014

Very Brief E-mail

Thanks for the emails! Crazy cool travels, Dad :) Hope the next owner of the trailer has as much fun with it as we did. Weird to think about how little value the object carries, but how great the times were we had together inside of it. I love my family. AND I love that "pacificy" smell.

Got like NO emails time today, a cause de le repetition in Papeete today. SO; just know that I love you guys, and I'm doing great. I am happy to be here, and I had a big mac today. YES! Its the real thing man... ooh yeah. Rare, but cherished chance :)

SO happy to hear about Zephne, and to just hear about things at home. I'm almost half way done, and time is going way to fast. June is turning out to be a tough month for the work, but I am learning a lot. Got insulted and laughed at by an Adventist lady, in front of my investigators, and while I walked away I felt the Holy Ghost, and was reminded to always be humble. Not retorting made that situation easy, and I was glad to know I will never do that as a disciple. Interesting experience, and I just felt happy afterwards, knowing that I'm doing the RIGHT thing; weird huh? Kind of another witness for me, even though it came in an odd way.

I love you guys, lots to say this week, but like NO time to say it. Gotta go, so the new elder can use Email. LOVE YOU TONS!!!

Elder Larsen


OH, and thanks for all your prayers and mail and love!


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