Monday, June 16, 2014

Hi All!


This week went by FAST. Sheesh. I have no idea what to say because I have a hard time remembering the difference between weeks :P Here goes anyways!

Thanks for the mail!!!! I got the two packages on Friday :) Thank you so much for the SD cards, and the journals, and carabiners, and shirts!! Maruru! Turns out the shirts survived! That was AWESOME! All the elders in the house laughed, and they made a WHOOSH noise when all the air got pulled in, and the shirt fluffed up. Just funny. They fit PERFECTLY, and the collars survived the vacuum sealing. OH, and THANKS for the ties :) They are sooo nice :) They are perfect, and its fun to have a variety. I wore the yellow one with my khakis this weekend. :) That might be the most feminine thing Ive ever said... Coordinating my ties with pants... :P

So, this weeks been crazy. We've had a bunch of lessons fall through, but still taught about 22 investigator lessons. It felt slow day by day, but looking back, it was FAST. We did tons of splits too. That feels slow, but makes it twice as effective in one day. Fun to split with the Priests here.
Elder Ball and went to the jungley half of the island for his second time. We went and recontacted some folks that we've not seen for 6 weeks or so. It was good, and we had fun on the rainy beach. It is SO pretty here.

This week, a HUGE transfer happened, and like half of the mission got moved. AWESOME! We got some sweet elders and sisters in our zone, and there is an old Zone leader in each elder companionship, minus one, that's training. WOW. Gonna keep on getting better in the zone :) Just weird being a ZL to my first ZL. Ive been doing lots of driving now, and we traded the truck for a minivan this week, so the assistants can use the truck to move bikes. Its still stick, but lots different from the truck. Its been fun to learn how to drive stick, and get better driving multiple ones. The truck is EASY and geared way high, but the minivan is spongy, and the clutch is like on or off. Fun, and goes faster, NOT that I'd know.

I love you all very much! Thanks for supporting me, and for being awesome! I love you and miss you. I just filled out my planner for the next 6 weeks, and wrote JULY 24 on a page. Yikes. Thats my halfway day. Its going FAST. Like really. FAST

Have fun traveling. I love you and hope you guys are safe. You and the Gospel are the most important things in my life. When I get home I want to have a family too! That's weird to think about though... I'll stick to being a missionary for at least 13 more months :)

Again, I LOVE YOU! Thanks for your love and support. Thanks for the prayers too; keep em coming :) Thank you thank you thank you!


Elder Larsen

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