Monday, May 26, 2014

I Fell In Love With Tahiti

Oh Dad, that's an adventure, haha! The funny thing is I can see it happening too :P Earl is the best. It's good to hear about home, and bizzare to hear about gardening. Here gardening involves almost no effort... I hope you have a good Pday :)

Haven't gotten pants back, but we'll see :) The lady whose been trimming, worked on costumes for the big party, so I hope she's almost done... haha

This weekend, I fell in love with Tahiti. Like really. We had the 170th party here, and because were out on the other end of the Island, President let us come down Friday and stay till Saturday night, with the elders here. We were  some of the only ones who got to see all the activities and stuff, and I really liked it. The Friday night they did cultural stuff, and Saturday was pioneer celebrations, and the night was all about missionaries. Elder Hamula talked and it was awesome! He said Jesus is coming SOON, and put big emphasis on that and how we need to be ready. At the end they had all the RMs and missionaries on the stadiums track, and it was just cool to see everyone. HUNDREDS if not a thousand RMs. It was neat.!

Thanks again for the camera. I took some AWESOME HD vids of the dances so I can show you when I get back (don't worry they were more modest than usual, seeing as elder Hamula was there). It was just a treat, and having a competent camera was fun. Oh and I saw a Porshe there :) hehehe 
That night we got back late into Vairao, and I'm still recovering from lack o sleep. Pooped, and a little sick, but had such a good time! I love seeing the brethren of the church too! It was just a good opportunity.

Yesterday was a good day, we teach a man who is in the drugs and stuff, and he really wants to change. I gave him a blessing, and it was good. He is such a cool dude. I also gave 2 or 3 other blessings Sunday. It was just a special Sunday; and I got to feel the Spirit though the priesthood. I love those chances, and I relish the occasions to say YES! without feeling guilty or not ready. I always want to be clean and pure to be ready for when people call. Its like what President Monson said in his biography about 'Tom Monson will always be willing to run His errands.' I love that, and want to be like that.

Thanks for all your support! Mom, thanks for the mail!!!! Cours d'union sacré means court of the sacred union. Its a think a street here, but either way its a goofy thing the Post Office guy had you do it in English, haha! Thanks so much! I'm excited to see the wrapped shirts.

Oh, and I saw some cool videos you should watch on! One of scriptures with E Christofferson, and an other about the temples. So cool!

I love you so much! Thanks again for supporting me, and for your prayers! Pray for my baptism this Saturday! I love you guys, and have a good holiday!



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