Monday, May 19, 2014

Feeling the Joy of Service

Hi! Thanks for the e-mails and letters!!! I love you guys, and getting mail is the BEST! :) Thanks also for sending stuff! I'm super excited to see the vacuum sealed stuff, and thank you thank you thank you! I thought of one more thing that would be sweet, if you haven't sent a package yet, carabiners; Just like some cheapie ones, even ones from my camping stuff if you find them. They don't really have those here, and they are so handy for keys and oil vials. If you find any, that would be sweet, but if you've already sent the package, don't send another just for that :) They'd just be a nice thing, but TOTALLY not a big need.

So, this week has been great! We taught 18 lessons (most I've ever taught here) and had a member present at HALF of them! YAY!!! Super happy about that. I also am learning a lot from my Stake president. He is an awesome guy. Pres Tubai. We meet with him every week, and he helps us a lot. He also helps us become better leaders, and in applying his counsel we have seen more success! I love having nice people to work with here! That's been like one of the highlights from my mission so far. My training during the multi-zone conference went pretty well and I gave about half or so of my talk from stuff I had not prepared. Several scriptures and thoughts I didn't think about until at the pulpit. Not very typical for me, but it worked and I felt good about it.

So, this week I have really started feeling joy from serving. Might sound stupid, but I am soo happy to be here! I was happy before, but lately, I just get happier and happier being here! I have THE COOLEST calling, and I have so many chances to feel the Spirit! I love being a missionary, and the chance I have to be a 24/7 representative of Jesus IS SOOO COOL! It's starting to sink in really, and the more it does, the cooler it gets, and the more I feel the Spirit! Just YAY! I feel like I did when I called Mom about going on that first dirt bike ride in Island Park with Dad (remember that? already been like 8 years!), pooped, but so excited and happy! Stress still comes, and problems too, but I feel much more calm, and much less overwhelmed than I have for a long time. I am so glad to be here!

Today I drove down to Papeete and we got new plates for the car (the dealer ones were long expired) and did a practice for this weekend. We're doing a huge celebration for the 170th arrival of the church here in Polynesia, and it will include a march by the missionaries, and a fireside by elder Hamula (of the seventy). That's what our weekend will be! Fun, I just hope we can make it productive too.

Well, that's about whats on my mind right now. I love you all, and miss you, but I am doing good. I love my calling, and I am happy. Thanks for all your love and for all your support.

Elder Larsen

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