Monday, May 12, 2014

Crazy P-Day

Hey! Thanks for the good Skype session yesterday! That was totally cool :) I had fun and it was so good to see you all! Csilla's huge! Macey is Shaggy!

Today's been a crazy p-day runnin' around. We went to Papeete this morning so that Elder Clawson could approve me to drive officially. I drove him around Papeete and Mahina, and he said 'Elder you did good. You are just fine.' Woohoo! Im the only one that's gotten done after the first lesson. Either way, I'm officially approved to drive now. Yikes

We did some shopping in Papeete today, and we found some shoes for Elder Brown. I also dropped off some pants at place that's going to change them, or alter them I guess. This Tahitian lady took a few measurements, then just took the pants... I asked her if it was possible and she said yup. We'll see how it goes. I hope my khakis come back OK. :P Sister Clawson set it all up with her, and she wont even accept money. She's a relief society President and teaches sewing as part of her business. The Clawsons have been really concerned about my pants and shirts, and they are super nice :) Its good to have the couples here, they are like grandpa and grandma for everyone. Thanks for sending Journals and stuffs! Thank you in advance for the shirts! That will help a lot :)

After being in Papeete, we found a guy to cut my hair for free (yay!) Its not bad at all, and I really needed it. So much better than the Carfourre 20 buck thing. Sheesh.

So that's about the extent of my p-day today. Pooped and we still gotta clean the car. I think that might not happen today, but we shall see. Actually, I know that wont happen today :P

I will try and send some pictures, I have a good one of me and E Ball.

I love you all! Thank you family for your love and for the awesome Skype call!!!! I miss you, but I am doing well.


Elder Larsen

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