Monday, February 3, 2014

This Week Was Crazy

Hey Family!

Thanks for the emails. This week was crazy. Almost all our key indicators were down by about fifty percent (not good) and I am POOPED due to a migraine yesteday. But I'm good. We had about 13 lessons fall through and taught 15. Not stellar for my area but OK. Things are still rainy, and we just had rough luck with the member present lessons. Things will be good this week though:) especially minus the migraine.

Forgot if I told you, I weigh 192 pounds. I have officially lost more than 50 lbs and I think I'm done. Luckily I got my temple belt now, so any baptisms, I'll still fit in my pants :) I promise I'm eating. I think the bike is causing the changing. I just hope that it stops soon, the pants are getting baggy... haha! Not gonna complain though, last time I weighed under 200 I was twelve. I promise I eat. Is that a healthy BMI at 6'5"?

Choir is good. Today we had the most serious practice yet and I really liked it. I am glad to be doing it, but sometimes it is tiring. P day GONE. Or at least nap time... :P Music has been really good though.

Transfers will be in a week or so. No idea if I'm moving or staying or if both me and Elder Christensen will stay. Will see soon. Officially four months in Heiri FAAA as of Thursday! Yay :) Oh and by the way AVACADOS ARE HUGE HERE!!! And really yummy

Thanks again for all your support. I am glad to remember that you guys care and watch out for me. I miss you all and I am pooped, but I'm doing OK. I am just hoping to do my best and to actually make a difference in some more peoples lives. I love the people here, and they need some help. I am understanding more and more about Dad and James and all the other good RM examples I've seen. Being on a mission is really cool, and really hard, but its really rewarding too. Love it, even if I'm tired :)

Have a good week and keep writing :) I got one letter from November like last week :) Missent to Thailand... lol Hope the package makes it ok :)


Elder Larsen

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